Fee Structure for the medical seat

There are thousands of medical aspirants who have hopes on getting the medical seat on the new National Eligibility test examination format that is introduced this year. There is latest news that further there is hike in the price of medical seats in the private colleges of Karnataka that is making worry for thousand aspirants.

There are thousands of students who have appeared in the NEET examination and they are finding it difficult to come to fulfill the terms of the situation, the colleges on the other hand are also making the use of this opportunity. South is well known for the number of medical colleges that it has.

The medical seats in Karnataka are getting are becoming very costly and there are colleges where the medical seats cost Upto Rs 1 crore. The seat for an MD (radiology) is around 2.75 crore.

While it was also thought that the introduction of the revised NEET will give the god chance for the aspirants who want to take admission in medical seat but everything is reverse of this. Aspirants from the others states are trying to take the seats in Karnataka since their home tests have been stopped after the introduction of NEET.

In the worst case the price of radiology seat has been hiked to Rs 2.75 crore, orthopedics and dermatology are also of same cost i.e. Rs 2 crore each, the Pediatrics is worth Rs 1.84 crore and OBG (obstetrics and Gynecology) has crossed Rs 1 crore this year.

Here Karnataka is allowing the students from other states as well for the admission purpose the rates for the management seats have been linked to given facts that this could be the last year that management could quote their own fee structure.

May 31st being the last day for taking the admission for PG courses the implementation of NEET in Karnataka will happen only next year.

If NEET was implemented across the country this year itself then the student would get a chance to take admission in any PG seat with the minimum score of 50 percentile in the test.

There is also uncertainty over the students who are appearing for the NEET UG exam on May 18th that whether their scores will be considered for the admission or not. The NEET -UG exam was postponed in Tamilnadu due to elections. Last year the exam had already been conducted across the rest of country on May 5th 2013.

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