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Short Term Course for Nurses on Hospital Infection Control

The Nursing Superintendent’s Office and the Hospital Infection Control Committee are going to conduct a 6 day Short Term Course for Nurses on Hospital Infection Control. Applications are invited from nursing personnel serving in Mission Hospitals.

Selection procedure:

  • Selection for Short term Course is open to first 20 applicants only on a ‘First Come First Serve” basis.
  • The registration for this course will closes on the 19th of January 2015 or when the numbers of applications reach 20.

Registration Fee:

The course registration fee is Rs.5000/- other than boarding & lodging charges. Assistance will be provided to arrange for food & accommodation.

How to register:

Applicants who wish to register for the admission they can call on the contact number given below & give your name. After that you can fill in the Registration form, enclose a Demand Draft payable at Vellore for Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand only) in favour of ‘CMC Vellore Association’ and send the Registration form & DD before 19.01.2015 to:

Short Term Course (STC) on Hospital Infection Control (HIC) Scientific Session

DAY-1st & 2nd FEB 2015:

  1. History & trends in infection control
  2. Transmission of infections in Health care settings:
  3. The chain of infection Epidemiology of Healthcare Associated infections
  4. Universal precautions and its Components
  5. Isolation precautions
  6. Contact Droplet Airborne Hand
  7. Hygiene – Barriers & solutions

Practical demonstration:

  • Hand-hygiene, Universal precautions

DAY-2nd & 3rd FEB 2015

  1. Bundle care approach
  2. Prevention of surgical site infection
  3. Bundle care for surgical site infections
  4. Preventing blood stream infections
  5. Bundle care for CBSI Control of ventilator associated Pneumonia in ICU VAP
  6. Bundle care
  7. Preventing UTI
  8. Prevention of UTI – Bundle Role of sterilization and disinfection
  9. In hospitals Issues related to planning and operation of CSSD

DAY-3rd & 4th FEB 2015

  1. Epidemiology of drug resistant organisms in India
  2. Antimicrobial stewardship role of Nurses
  3. Biomedical waste management
  4. Handling of mercury & E-waste
  5. Guidelines form pollution control Board

DAY-4th & 5th FEB 2015

  1. Approach to an epidemic/Outbreak Investigation
  2. Surveillance of HCAI – practical session Infection control in OR
  3. Infection control among patients with prosthetic implants Visit to OR & Joint Replacement Rooms Hands – on training in Clinical areas

DAY-5th & 6th FEB 2015

  1. Needle sticks injury and prevention:
  2. Case Discussion Infection control among Hematology and oncology patients


  1. Infection control among patients with MATH V & MDRO
  2. Setting up infection control program in your facility
  3. Audits in Infection control Hygiene rounds

DAY-6th & 7th FEB 2015

  1. Quality in infection control
  2. Application of Bundle care approach
  3. Group activities & planning session

Contact address:

Dr. Jayarani Premkumar Nursing Superintendent,

Nursing Service Office,

Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu – 632 004

Email: nso@cmcvellore.ac.in, hicc@cmcvellore.ac.in.

Contact number: 9367985366, 9367985090.

For information regarding the short term course on hospital control candidates are advised to go through the official website given above. If any other assistance you can call on the above contact numbers also.

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