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10 Tips towards Your SSC and SSC Mains

The SSC or Staff Selection Commission holds this examination each and every year for 10+2 candidates can apply for the posts of LDC (also referred to as Lower Division Clerk) n Data-Entry Operator etc. But, from this year it has embraced new posts for Sorting Assistant and Postal under that of combined higher secondary level of Examination 2016. The contenders who have successfully completed their 10+2 examination will fit in the criteria to attempt this examination, in accordance with the name b. However, this exam is not as simple as it looks, it meets the difficulty level of 12th Standard and nowadays, the number of contenders attempting this examination, is in Lakhs. And also the contenders completed graduation as well as post graduation also taking part in this particular examination, this thing also augments the difficulty level of this examination. 

The contenders are necessitated to devote seven to eight hours at a minimum from 24 hours. He or she should have to list down all the topics which are required to be prepared in a day, in spite of dedicating too much time for it without objective. Here, we are providing simple tips to fight successfully with SSC and SSC Mains Examination:

  • Consume Light-weight food: Commence your day with a light breakfast such as franks, fruit or cereals. Try to avoid oily food to save yourselves from the tiredness and sleepiness that may come along your way. If you eat light, you’ll feel more energetic and will concentrate on your studies better.
  • Study Less but with solid concentration: If you are not able to sit for long hours study, you may begin with short-hours study, but with strong determination. The study that you commit with dedication will remain in your mind for long time, rather than that of forgetful study. You should make yourselves a promise that you’ll study for at least two hours a day.
  • Take recurring Breaks at particular intervals: It’s always better to rest for sometime or take a break for an interval of one or two hour, in spite of mugging up without breaks. Give some time to your mind to retain what you have studies till now.
  • Exercise for some time on a regular basis: You should go for walks or jogging regularly or may go for a gym. Just what you required is to take a good break for your body and do some physical workout which not only keeps your body fit but also your mind.
  • Take SSC-CGL Tier-I/II Sample Tests: You may set practical and reachable aims for yourselves such as studying for at least 4 brief topics in an hour or 5-10 small topics in an hour. This will strengthen your tempo and swiftness of mind and will not feel burdened any time.
  • Learn n Revise simultaneously: Try to use the technology, you may use your mobile and save some data for your free time SSC preparations. This will allow you to revise any time and be in touch with SSC.
  • Utilize Flashcards: In spite of mobiles, you may use flashcards for revising purposes at any time and at any place easily. You may make flashcard for important names, time, date, event and other abbreviations to keep yourself memorized.
  • Get sufficient sleep: I’m not telling you sleep this and this time, but you should make your body this must rested that it doesn’t automatically decides it doesn’t do any more and need rests right now. This condition should not be aroused at any cost.
  • Concentrate on Important points more: You ought to make a list of important topics and ensure the good practicing of these topics with adequate questions. Instead of covering all the topics, you should concentrate on important ones. Since, many students fail to cover the important ones for covering all of them.

These simple things will assent to prepare better for this SSC-CGL Tier-I/Tier-II 2016-17 Examination.

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