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Arts Can be a Good Career Option

A degree in Arts, namely Masters in Fine Arts, educates apprentices the better and finer portions of their preferred specialty whilst planning for related jobs after the completion of graduation.

The learning of Fine Arts necessitates innovation, imagination, academics record and also aesthetics. Those consecrated with ability and talent for it requires endorsing with an official degree to chase a career in a particular stream of Fine Arts.

Basics of Course

The MFA or Master of Fine Arts is commonly an academic course that permits apprentices to prepare oneself in specialized arena for two-year duration of their selection. It’s distinct in its kind and contents from that of MA (Master of Arts) which merely concentrates on the intellectual, erudite or typical learning of the stream.

According to Sadre Alam, who’s a dean of Fine Arts Faculty in Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, the students of Fine Arts can enroll themselves for a post graduate degree in Visual Arts (Core) like painting, sculpture, applied art, graphics, history of art and others. The apprentice can also opt from performance arts including theatre and dancing, or computer graphics, music arts i.e. both vocal music as well as instrumental music, display design, textile designing, pottery, print-making, ceramic arts and also applied arts including animation, attire and fashion designing, illustrations, communication design, calligraphy, photography, typography and many others.

Eligibility Conditions 

BFA, abbreviated for Bachelor of Fine Arts or BVA, abbreviated for Bachelor of Visual Arts are both four years degree programs, either of them are essential qualification for getting admission to a MFA degree course at distinct universities. Subjects including creative painting, murals, portraits, print making, innovative sculpture designing, textile design, photography, interior designing, computer graphics etc must have been a section of an individual’s Bachelor’s degree, proclaimed Vishwanatha D Sabal (dean of Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai). The minimal percentage necessitated at the Bachelor’s stage is about 50 to 55 percent on an average. The graduates from other streams are required to gain 60 percent marks at UG level and may also enroll for a PG degree course, according to him.

Main Structure of course

The main structure of the course includes practical as well as the work of field combined with theory. It entails the thorough knowledge of the history of arts, aesthetics or methods involved, combined with practical knowledge of the subject, according to Hiralal Prajapati (The Dean of Visual Arts’ Faculty, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi).

Improving Skills

The MFA degree course aids in studying inter-punitive cooperation and improves one’s interests as well as capability. Mr. Anupam Mahajan, who’s the professor of Music & Fine Arts Faculty in Delhi University, uttered that the apprentices should be taught in practical arena as well as theory, completely with the depth knowledge of the subject. This makes them able to gain the related job opportunities and practice higher education if necessitated.

Advanced Method

In accordance with Mr. Manohar Lal (Principal of Govt. College of Arts in Chandigarh), the good artists demand will never get fulfilled, it will be in demand forever, since every industry needs the talented Fine Arts professionals. Therefore, the students are having great opportunity to find the required job if they have the potential at a global scale. The apprentices who are graduated can employ in software firms, or in publishing firms, or art galleries or even in freelancing as well. They can turn out to be an animator, Graphic Designer, typographer, illustrator, sculptor, painter, product designer, teacher, photographer etc. Several of them are self-employed, which makes them able to operate on their choices and needs and can work in their own time, whenever desired. Most of the abroad universities providing MFA offer only 1-2 year full-time courses in this arena. For being a functioning professional, a minimal 5 years degree courses provides essential information in education. The registering students are generally anticipated to have 1st class or more better under graduate degree with honors or its equivalent qualification internationally, at a minimum in Fine Arts or corresponding subjects. The written work includes portfolios, which should be provided by the apprentice when required.

And when it’s about salary, it majorly depends on the organization type, an individual employs for and also the kind of job one opts. But on an average, a fresher can anticipate his / her salary between 20,000 and 60,000 per month. Although, the freelancers can even earn more than it, but it all depends upon the quality of the work provided and the quantity of the work received.

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