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How To Prepare For MBA Group Discussion?

Earlier, the concept of group discussion was not a part of regular educational curriculum in universities and colleges. So, students face a lot of problems in this part of the selection process when it comes to admission to MBA course. Some students state that they can easily handle MBA Entrance exam, but they face a lot of difficulties when it comes to group discussion. Before actually getting into some useful tips for preparing, it is better to get an understanding about the reason why GD is conducted. Most institutions these days are highly clear about the knowledge and skill they look for when screening MBA aspirants, which was not the case half a decade ago.

Skill evaluated during GD:

Generally, group discussion topics for MBA admission is selected with a view to judge the following skills of aspiring candidates:

Ø  Analytical and logical skills

Ø  Presentation abilities

Ø  Listening skills

Ø  Divergent thinking

Ø  Clarity over ambiguity

Ø  Tolerance

Ø  Team building skills

Ø  Motivational skills

Ø  Leadership abilities

Ø  Interpersonal skills

Ø  Communication skills

So, when you are preparing for GD after completion of your MBA entrance exam, you will have to assess your strengths in all the above-mentioned areas and should start working on your weak areas, so that you can manage during the GD session.

Special feature of GD:

The special and attractive thing about GD is that it will help the admission committee, to judge the skills that cannot be evaluated in an interview. These skills include attitude, body language, interpersonal skills in playing a part as a team member, ability to handle tough situations, articulation ability, listening skills, social thinking, out-of-the box thinking, creativity, flexibility, inspiring ability, leadership skills and reasoning ability. These skills are highly important to become a professional and these skills of students will turn out to be assets for the management of institution at the time of campus placements.

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These skills are highly important to become a professional and these skills of students will turn out to be assets for the management of institution at the time of campus placements. This is one of the important reasons why GD is conducted apart from Personal Interview.

Another important factor for institutions conducting GD is that they use this as the elimination round to handle the huge crowd of applicants with good score in MBA entrance exam and good academic score in the qualifying examination.

When is GD Conducted?

Most institutions conduct GD as the next step in the selection process followed by entrance test. As mentioned earlier, this is considered an excellent tool for selection or for rejection of candidates from a huge crowd of applicants with good MBA entrance exam score and academic score.

Tips to prepare:

When preparing, it is advisable that candidates should participate in mock GDs, such that they can gain some sort of practice before the D day. Even, if you are preparing for group discussion, the best thing you can do is to form a group among your friends and if you cannot form a group of three or four students, you can just discuss on a hot topic that is disturbing the society with one of your friends. This sort of debate will help both of you in preparing for the GD. Here are some other tips to prepare for group discussion mba:

Know the world around you:

It is highly important that you should be aware of the happenings around you. Remember that when you cannot put forth some valuable points in the GD, the chances of your elimination will be more.

Read opinion pieces:

Rather than reading just the news section in the newspapers, you should read the comments written by other readers. This will help you in understanding the different point of views for the same issue.

Take steps to improve lateral thinking:

Rather than giving the most obvious points during the GD, you can put forth better points when you improve your lateral thinking ability.

Be receptive:

Do not get into the discussion with the intention of dominating the other participants. Rather, you should have good listening skills to listen to their points. Then, regardless of whether you wish to accept or deny their points, you should politely get into the discussion and not abruptly. So, practice this right from your preparation period, so that you can follow the same approach during the actual admission discussion as well to increase your chances of success.

Facts and figures:

When preparing for any topic, you should collect as much data as possible. Then, you should be ready to use the collected data to support your points during the group discussion.

Do not speak for the sake of speaking:

It is true that when you keep mum, you will automatically increase the chances of elimination during GD. But, you should never speak, just because you will have to speak as it will bring even bad impression during group discussion.

Be assertive and build consensus:

Remember that you should have the mindset of winning over the aggressive speech. You should first understand the difference between being aggressive and assertive. Also, try to conclude your speech with a harmonious note to create a good impression.

Be crisp and confident:

When you find that your subject knowledge on the given topic is not up to the mark, do not lose confidence. Just silently watch the points stated by other participants and you can get some useful points from their speech to develop your speech. You should show up your confidence and crispiness when speaking.

Group discussion topics for mba:

Here are some of the most commonly asked topics in GD, even though different types of GD Topics are given:

Ø  Hazards of polythene bags

Ø  Water and its uses

Ø  IT – A boon or a ban

Ø  Information technology in your day-to-day life

Ø  The problem of unemployment

Besides these commonly asked topics in GD, MBA GD topics are decided by the institutions based on the present issues faced by common people and solutions.


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