List Of Startup Incubator Centre In India

List Of Startup Incubator Centre In India

You might have known what is incubation? Yes, it is about growth. If you are new to the term business incubator, it is a service that helps startup and new organisations to improve. Such an incubator centre in India offers services to startups like office space, management training, etc. Incubator centres are referred to either as the national or regional economic development catalyst tools.

What types of services do they offer?

As startup organisations have insufficient networks, experience and resources, these services provide them with the chance to get through the key hurdles in beginning a business. The barriers include computer services, accounting, legal, startup funding and even space required for running their business. The most common services offered by the startup incubator centres in India include:

ØMarket Research

ØMarketing assistance

ØNetworking activities

ØBasics of business

ØHelps with presentation skills

ØAccess to bank loans, guarantee programs and loan funds

ØHigh-speed web access

ØAssociations to strategic partners

ØAssociations to higher education resources

These are just a few services as they offer a wide range of other services as well.

List of Current Startup Incubator Centers in India:

If you are a startup business looking for small business ideas from the best incubator centre in India, here is a table that shows the list of top 15 Incubator centres located in different cities in India to help you out:

S. No. Name of The Incubator Centre City USP (Area of Specializations) Successful Startups
1. Amity Innovation Incubator Noida

Rural Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Nanotechnology and Material Sciences

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Food and Allied Technologies

Education and Education Technologies

Information and communication Technologies

Anduril Technologies

2. AngelPrime Bengaluru

E-Commerce and tablet/mobile app

Mobile internet



3. CIIIE Initiatives, Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) Ahmedabad Market-oriented products/technologies (ICT, Renewable energy, Social impact)




4. IAN Incubator Delhi

Retail technology

Cloud computing

Clean Technology

Alternative Energy

Manufacturing Products

Healthcare technology

Education technology

Media and Entertainment


Gaming and Animation

Mobile VAS



Skill Boost

Mukunda Foods


5. Indavest Bengaluru

Software products

Customised gifting and branding solutions

Mobile applications


General Sentiment


6. NSRCEL Bengaluru Cloud Computing, Agnostic



7. Science And Technology Entrepreneurship Park Kharagpur Health Care Ikure Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.
8. Seedfarm, Seedfund Mumbai

Online ticketing


Financial services





Consumer Internet

Level10 Entertainment


9. SINE Mumbai




Bhugol GIS


10. Srijan Capital Bengaluru

Consumer internet

Social media







11. Startup Village Kochi

Technology product startups


12. Technopark TBI Kerala

Social Entrepreneurship






Axen Software Private Limited
13. UnLtd India Mumbai Social Startups

Mirakle Couriers

14. Veddis Ventures Gurgaon Consumer technology Favista
15. Venture Center Pune

Chemicals and Biological Sciences & Engineering Services exploiting scientific expertise in the areas of materials Technology startups offering products



Is there any difference between Business Incubator and Startup Incubator?

Startup incubators help startups in many ways. They are otherwise referred to as business incubators. So, there is no difference between the two. However, there is another service called startup accelerator. It is different from that of the incubator in many ways.

Why should startup businesses get help from an incubator centre in India?

Do you look for ways to take your business to the success path? Then, what will be the better choice? Should you do it alone or as a group? Most entrepreneurs choose the latter route in the tech space. The reason is that being part of something more substantial has always helped them to grow their business smoothly and also quickly. In short, an incubator centre can turn out to be the perfect bridge to take your business from the stage of the idea to the scene of execution.

ØThey will safeguard you from mundane tasks. It means that you can focus on the core areas of your business development

ØYou will gain access to better networks to grow your business

ØYou will get excellent support from experienced people.

So, for these reasons, you should get help from one of the best incubator centres in India listed above to move forward in the competitive business world as suggested by the startup mentor Mr Mukesh Maheshwari.

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