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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Many a times we hear about people, who make lakhs and crores of salary every month and most of us also believe that only people in higher positions and also those in IT sector can earn this much hefty sum. But, the fact is that there are many other sectors that pay well and also different factors like attitude, knowledge, qualification and also the organization that decides the salary of a particular individual decides the salary of an individual. With these things said, let us gather details about the top 10 highest paying jobs in the nation:

  1. Management professionals:

It is true that many B-Schools in India offer management courses, those offered by premier institutions like IIFT, FMS, XLRI, IITs and of course IIMs are considered the best. The reason for this is that students from these institutions are able to find high-paying jobs and also they are able to get fast-track career paths. In general, management professionals begin their career as manage trainees, wherein they undergo around 6 months to one year of training. For newly recruited candidates most of the companies have good training plans and programs in such a way that they can be groomed as eminent leaders.

Even before the completion of their management course, pre-placement offers are made to the students right on their institute campus itself, wherein they will be in a position to get a pay package as high as 20-24 lakh rupees per annum. When talking about the top recruiters of management professionals, management consulting firms and financial services are the top recruiters. When talking about the lowest pay package for these professionals, it will be somewhere around Rs.7-9 lakhs per annum.

  1. Investment bankers:

In general, it is stated that the career of investment bankers follow a standard path. They generally begin their career as analyst and they become associates, then Vice President, then promoted as director and finally to management director position. It is true that with each position their salary will increase beginning with Rs.5-9 lakhs per annum at the lowest level to Rs.10-40 lakhs per annum for VP position, which will increase further when they reach still higher positions. Some of the popular employers of investment bankers encompass, HSBC, Deustche Bank, etc.

  1. Information technology and software engineers:

As mentioned earlier, as most of us know candidates in these positions generally earn higher in India as compared to any other sector. When a candidate begins his/her career the salary will be somewhere around 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per annum. This will increase considerably when he/she climbs the career ladder, which will reach to a figure of Rs. 3-6 lakhs per annum for software engineer/programme analyst position. In the corporate ladder, next is the senior software engineer position, followed by project lead, which will then be followed by program manager position. Not just high paying jobs, this industry also offer onsite opportunities for fitting talents. Of course, this type of foreign opportunities will be given only to well-performing candidates and also those, who keep themselves updated with emerging technologies and newer skills and keeping pace with the industry requirements.

  1. Chartered Accountants:

In general, candidates from commerce base looking for a professional career, can very well choose to become chartered accountants. Numerous opportunities are available in India and also abroad for fresh chartered accountants. A chartered accountant can work in a wide range of areas like cost accountancy, financial accounting, consultancy, auditing and tax management. Some of the good paying employers for CA candidates include ICICI Bank, PWC, Deloitte, E&Y. To practice as CAs, it is important that candidates must be members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. When it comes to freshers, they can make somewhere between Rs.5 and 7 lakhs per annum. With the increase in the number of years and the level of experience, the salaries will also go up as high as Rs.18-24 lakhs per annum for candidates with additional MBA degree in finance.

  1. Oil and natural gas sector professionals:

At the entry level, an individual can expect a salary of around Rs.3.5 to Rs.6 lakhs per annum. In the country, there is a wide range of job opportunities in Public Sector Undertakings like Bharat Petroleum, IOCL and ONGC for candidates looking for job security. Public Sector Units offer pays according to the pay commission with additional benefits and perquisites. The top employers in this field are Shell, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Reliance Energy and British Gas. Those with appropriate qualification from top institutions and those with 5-6 years of experience will be earning somewhere between 15-20 lakhs per annum.

  1. Medical professionals:

Medical professionals, without any doubt has recurrent demand all through the country. Furthermore, specialization in particular fields can give them better pay package. Medical professionals can earn from private practice as well. The minimum pay for doctors can be estimated at around Rs.4.5-6 lakhs per annum and in the case of specialized doctors and surgeons, the pay will be double to this amount. Nevertheless, among many practitioners, specialists in gynecology, psychiatry and thoracic surgeons earn better.

  1. Aviation professionals:

In the recent past, the commercial airline sector has seen a considerable boost. There is a constant demand for air hostesses, stewards, ground staff, pilots and many other professionals in this field. Average salary in the case of pilots, regardless of whether they are employed for passenger flight or cargo flights earn between 7 and 9.5 lakhs per annum. When it comes to air hostesses and airline stewards, they draw between 4 and 6 lakhs rupees. When it comes to air traffic controllers, they can get somewhere between 5 and 6 lakhs per annum.

  1. Modeling and acting:

Based on their role, new entrants to this field can make somewhere between Rs.2000 and Rs.10,000 per episode. In the case of experienced actors, they can make somewhere between 10,000 to 2 lakhs per episode on television shows. When this is the case of television industry, when it comes to film industry, the new entrant can make somewhere between Rs.5-50 lakhs depending on the budget of the film and the role played. When it comes to modeling assistants, they will be paid on the basis of the type of advertisement for which they work like billboard advertising, television commercials, magazines and fashion shows. When freshers can charge between 5 and 10 thousand, established models can make somewhere between 25-50 thousand per assignment or even more. Some experienced and established actress/actors are earning in crores.

  1. Law Professionals:

When it comes to professionals in the field of law, it varies broadly as per the employer and the experience of the professionals. In the case of lawyers working for government organizations, they get paid as per government norms. But, in the case of private sector, they get paid hefty amount. Fresh national law school graduates make INR 6-9 lakhs per annum, while those with an experience of 4-6 years will earn somewhere between INR 10-15 lakhs per annum. Those who select to work privately will be in a position to earn on the basis of the number of clients and complexity of the cases they get. When it comes to high-paying law firms, some of them worth to mention are Amarchand, Luthra & Luthra, AZB & Partners, etc. Candidates interested in corporate sector can choose to work in legal department of different Multi-national companies.

  1. Business consultants:

When it comes to business consultants their work involves understanding the requirements of clients, researching client industry, locating data points in support of business case, performance of competitors and analysis of industry benchmark, etc. Career path involves moving from analysts, consultants, senior consultants, management/project lead, partner, vice president and director. Pay can range between INR 4-6 lakhs per annum for those with less than a year of experience. Of course, the figure will go up as a candidate gains experience. However, compensation package relies on different regions of the nation and the cost of living.

There are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India and candidates looking for the best career opportunity can choose any of the above-mentioned choices.

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Once you have decided to do your B. Ed from a particular college, you can visit the website of NCTE and can check whether the institution is under the list of approved institution,you can find here find list of NCTE approved b.ed colleges in Sangli- B.Ed in Sangli
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