Trending Career in Engineering

Trending Career in Engineering

Engineering is truly the course that attracts many students. When it comes to deciding the career path in this domain, it will not be an overstatement to say that it will be hard to know whether or not that industry will continue to grow. There are chances that some of them might get over-saturated, while some might even become completely redundant.

Thanks to career experts, who guide candidates with the right career path! It is true that the traditional fields of engineering like civil and petroleum are still in high demand when it comes to career choice. However, those in the IT sphere are identified as the fastest growing branches. Let us now get into the top trending career choice in engineering in the present scenario:

Mining engineering:

Everything that was built earlier or even those that will be built in the future, raw materials are essential. It is this area, where mining engineers play a crucial role. These professionals are in great demand as they tend to design open pit. Also, they open underground mines and they can also supervise mining operations and the constructions done in mines. With an excellent starting pay, this is a career option that will take engineers to new heights.

Aerospace Engineering:

Between the years starting from 2013 to 2021, it is estimated that there will be a global demand for 27000 new passenger planes. Even, it is expected that there will be an increase in the demand of up to 40,000 commercial helicopters during this period. Further, with the rapid advancements in aerospace technology, it is a sector that is expected to grow. In addition, it will generate high salary jobs for graduates with sound technical knowledge on aerospace systems and problem-solving innovative minds.

Environmental Engineers:

Environmental engineers are experts in applying their knowledge of natural sciences like biology and chemistry. They do this for studying and for developing solutions for the common environmental issues faced by humans. The key areas of interest of environmental engineers will be water pollution and air pollution reduction, recycling and waste management. As effective waste management is going to be tough in the future, engineers with the right knowledge in this domain will be in great demand.

Agricultural Engineering:

Even though it looks like India moves away from agriculture, the reality is that there will be a great demand for agricultural engineers in the future. Candidates with a degree in biotechnology and a passion for innovation can choose this career option. Top grade engineers with innovative skills to identify the agricultural production method at lesser cost will get better pay in this domain.

What are the holistic skills in demand?

For a career in engineering, irrespective of the branch, candidates are expected to have some skills basically to make their contribution:

  • Extraordinary people skills
  • Creativity
  • Open to take the risk and accept failures
  • Complex problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge of industry-relevant publications
  • Out of the box thinking

Expert career counselors are of the opinion that candidates with these skills can surely shine in one of the trending engineering career choices.

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