Trending Career in Management

Trending Career in Management

Without any doubt, new technologies, cultural trends and demographics rapidly change the job market. People these days are living a much longer life as compared to what it was earlier. Automation and new technologies are quickly taking repetitive jobs from humans. New communication tools are making print media a thing of the past. However, at the same time more advanced media literacy skill is expected from candidates for most job positions. If you plan to choose management as your career, you will be interested in knowing the trending fields. Let us delve into the topic to gather some details:

Human Resource Management:

Without any doubt, workers play an integral part in every industry these days. These workers are to be hired, trained and communicated by someone. This is where human resource managers are always in great demand. They have the right skills to identify the right talents for their employer. These professionals are expected to make strategies to make the best possible use of the skills of employees. They are also responsible for making sure that employees have the right tools and environment to bring out their talents. So, not just now, human resource management is always a trending career choice in management.

Digital Marketing Managers:

Marketing, as we all know, is an integral part of the growth of any organisation. In the present world of digital marketing, digital marketers with the right skill set are in great demand. As they have the right knowledge of the current trends in web-based marketing, they will suggest and use the right techniques to make sure that their employer organisation reaches the target market with ease.

Public Relations & Fundraising Managers:

Without any doubt, the image of an organisation matter and lot and this holds true particularly when it comes to non-profit organisations. Fundraising managers and public relations managers are professionals, who rightly frame how an organisation will communicate with the members of the public. When the communication is rightly passed on through these managers, the employer organisation will get the intended benefits for sure. So, the role of fundraising and public relations manager will be highly felt in the near future.

Sales Manager:

Many organisations rely on their products as they generate revenue through sales. So, sales managers like ever before continue to trend when it comes to a career in management.  In addition to attractive pay, most organisations incentivise their sales managers showing results.

Finance Manager:

Similar to sales and marketing, finance is also important for the proper functioning of an organisation. In fact, it will be possible to plan the marketing budget only when there is enough finance generated through sales. Finance managers in addition to managing the turnover will also manage the capital of the organisation in the right manner. They will be responsible for making sure that the employer organisation does not face any financial crises.

So, when it comes to a career in management, these are the top choices among candidates.

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+1 # Aarush Older than three months
Hii, I am from Nanded, plz tell me Is there any provision that one can pursue any other management degree or diploma in IIMs without appearing for any entrance test ?
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0 # Jagan Older than three months
No, for getting admission in IIMs for management course, you should have to clear entrance exam, but there are many other MBA colleges in Nanded where without entrance you can take admission
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