Trending Career in Non-Engineering

Trending Career in Non-Engineering

Most students doing their PCM in their higher secondary level aspire for engineering admission. But, most of them also have a question about other alternatives. They think what should be their next choice based on trending careers if they could not get a seat in an engineering college. Here are the trending non-engineering career choices available for PCM students:


They can choose to do their degree in architecture. As they would have heard, they should take up the NATA test for admission to the architecture course. This is an excellent career option that pays well as well. Those with an interest in innovation and are interested in design aspects can choose architecture as their career as against engineering.


If not engineering, doing a physics degree can be the best choice. The reason is that in everything that we use today, physics is involved in one way or another. So, without any doubt, a career in physics can provide countless choices. With good marks in physics at the higher secondary level, admission will not be an issue as many colleges offer this course at the degree level.


It is true that chemistry is an option that does not suit all. But, some students have a natural interest in chemistry. With this, they start getting good marks in chemistry as well. Such students can naturally choose chemistry career as the alternative to engineering.

Mass Communication:

When talking about comprehensive career choices in non-engineering, mass communication should find a place for sure. It is true that admission to mass communication courses is done on merit basis. But, it does not have a high cut-off requirement in most colleges and universities. Students will gain exposure to the practical knowledge, which, in turn, will be of great help to their career.


If a candidate feels that he/she will be good at communicating, marketing can turn out to be the best non-engineering career choice for him/her. As marketing these days is moving online, digital marketing really turns crucial. Without the requirement of any specific degree, candidates have the option to choose any degree of their choice and can do additional courses that will help them gain a competitive edge for a job in marketing.

Ethical Hacking:

A student might be good in IT skills. But, he might not be interested in pursuing engineering. In this case, he can take up a course in ethical hacking. In fact, this course will give way to the most lucrative career. Many private computer training institutions and even colleges and universities offer certificate and diploma courses in ethical hacking. This can turn out to be the excellent choice for a candidate planning for a non-engineering career.


If you are in higher secondary science stream, you need not go behind engineering just because your friends do. You have many other attractive options for a lucrative career other than engineering. So, buckle up and even you can talk to a career counsellor in this respect.

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