Trending Courses in Management

Trending Courses in Management

It is right that a trending branch is important not just in engineering, but also in management. Most students get a doubt with respect to the branch to select in both these courses. As far as MBA is concerned, they decide that they should choose a trending branch. When this is the case of some students, some decide based on the choice of their friends. Even, some students decide based on the branch that will bring them better pay. The percentage of students, who voted for different branches, is given in the table below:


Branches Percentage of Students
Operations Management 7.3
HR Management 5.3
Marketing 31
Finance 29
International Business 10
Retail Management 4
Others 13.4

Here, others include global operations & strategy, supply chain with operations, social entrepreneurship, hospital management, sales and marketing, media management and international marketing.

The table above shows the interest shown by students towards different branches in management course. So, marketing and finance are seen as evergreen choices. Let us gather details about the other trending branches in Management:

International Business:

A management degree in international business is the passport to many top companies. Not just international companies, but many domestic players also show interest in hiring candidates with this specialisation. When talking about this branch, the director of IIFT, Delhi says “There is a huge demand for managers with international perspective among recruiters across the globe”. Candidates can expect a pay of around Rs.8 to 24 lakhs per annum with this qualification.

Operations Management:

For any business activity, operations management forms the core. Sound knowledge of operations is essential for every person in an organisation. Yes, every person starting from an accountant to an HR Manager to even a logistics and transport operator. So, expertise in operations management will help candidates gain better exposure. Candidates with this qualification can expect a pay of around Rs.4 Lakhs to Rs.20 Lakhs per annum. Top companies like Lodha Group, ITC, Amazon, Asian Paints, Airtel, Tata Steel and Tata Motors hire candidates with this specialisation.

HR Management:

As most of us know, hiring, training and re-training are essential for the sustainability of any company. This is where the role of an HR manager gets into the picture. A recent pass out from the IIM, Ranchi says “Today’s age is of strategic HR and one is expected to bring direct business results. This makes it crucial for a graduate to understand the business functions in greater detail and this is exactly what the course equips us with.” Candidates can expect a pay between Rs.5 Lakhs and Rs.21 Lakhs after completion of the management course with this specialisation.

Retail Management:

Retail management is one of the fastest growing branches. This is because of the increasing consumer consciousness about luxury brands. Many top recruiters like the Landmark Group, Amazon, Flipkart, Capgemini, Future Group, Wipro and Aditya Birla Group hire candidates with a retail management specialisation. The pay will be around Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.20 Lakhs.


Without any doubt, selecting the right branch for the management course will help candidates to reach new heights.

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