What To Do One Day Before Exam?

What To Do One Day Before Exam?

If you are highly concerned about the forthcoming competitive entrance exam, the first and foremost thing you will have to do is to decide to reduce your concern about the examination slowly and steadily in such a way that you should never feel any stressful thing about the test at least the day before the examination. Remember that the day before the examination is highly important and the activities that you do not this day will have a great impact on the way in which you perform at the examination. Here are some tips on what to do one day before the exam:

Do not do anything forcefully:

Most of the experts recommend that people should not do anything forcefully on the day before the exam. They should do whatever they need to and even they are recommended not to think anything about the entrance exam. You can also watch your favourite movies to relax your mind on that day. You should spend at least two months completely and dedicatedly towards preparation and should feel relaxed on the day before the exam, without thinking anything about the type of questions that might be asked. Even, some say that you should not watch any movie on the day because it is bound to resonate in your mind for a day and might disturb you from giving your best at the examination.

Revise formulas:

Just on the beginning of the day before the entrance exam, you can spend some time on revising the formulas. You might have already written down the formulas in a separate sheet of paper for last minute reference. Just take out the paper and spend a few hours on the morning to get a complete revision of formulas. Once this is done, you can just have a walk or chat with your friends to relax your mind.

Use mental stimulation:

You can use a psychological technique of mental stimulation and remember that your thoughts should not in any way disturb your night sleep on the day before the entrance exam. Just decide about the type of questions you will be attempting first and this thought can be given after having a chat or walk with your friends. The reason is that your mind will be refreshed at this stage and you will feel comfortable thinking about the questions that will be easier for you to attempt initially. Even, during this mental stimulation time, have some contingency plans.

Confidence is important:

Remember that your confidence level should be high on the day before the exam. Your confidence alone will help you in putting your best in the exam. To boost your confidence, you can just take a look at a previous year question paper to find whether the questions thereof are easy for you.


Relaxation and staying calm on the day before the exam should be your key point. Never study anything new and just a simple revision should be done on the day. Wishing you all success!

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