IIM hopefuls can aspire to better chances

IIM hopefuls can aspire to better chances

IIM hopefuls can aspire to better chances

If you’re a beleaguered IIM aspirant biting your nails over the online version of the CAT exam, here’s some good news for you. Making it to the IIMs just got a bit easier, thanks to a 2% dip in the number of CAT aspirants since the previous year, coupled with an estimated 15% increase in the number of seats. This has actually resulted in a dip in competition this year.

While there were 120 CAT-takers vying for one seat at the IIMs last year, the ratio of candidates to seats has improved considerably this year, with around 102 aspirants per seat.

While there were 2.46 lakh students who registered for CAT last year, this year the figure stands at 2.41. Meanwhile, there are an estimated 318 more seats this year compared with last year.

Most of the seven IIMs are in the process of increasing their seats to meet the new government reservation policy. While IIM Kozhikode, which has 300 seats, has already met the requirements for OBC reservations, officials say they have not ruled out the possibility of increasing their seats in 2016. Meanwhile, an admissions official at IIM Bangalore, which currently has 350 seats, says the institute could accommodate a maximum of 365 students without putting a strain on the existing infrastructure. If the IIMs at Kozhikode and Bangalore hike their intake this year, the ratio of aspirants per seat at the IIMs will improve even further. “This year, it’s definitely going to be easier to get into the IIMs. In fact, it's a great year for people to do an MBA,” said Arks Srinivas, director, TIME, a CAT coaching institute.

So why is it that there are fewer candidates appearing for the exam this year? “The current financial crisis has resulted in people around the world opting to study more, as the job scenario is bad. But in India, it’s the exact opposite. In India, the financial crisis has resulted in people hoarding their money instead of opting for further education. This goes against conventional wisdom, as this is a really bad time to join the corporate sector,” he added. He also points out that students from small towns and rural areas found online CAT a daunting task.

Students, who are highly stressed over the CAT fiasco this year, say the decrease in competition brings them relief.

“It’s good to know that there are more MBA aspirants than the number of seats,” says Siddharth Shridhar and adds the online version was a huge setback for students.

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Hello, I am from Jhajjar, want to know How to get admission to MBBS at JIPMER
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For getting admission, you should go through online entrance test known as JIPMER MBBS, after clearing this you can get admission in this institute, you can also find other good MBBS institutes of Jhajjar-Medical in Jhajjar
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