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Rajiv Gandhi National Cyber Law Centre declared One Year Post Graduation Diploma in Cyber Law

Rajiv Gandhi National Cyber Law Centre, a Centre of Excellence in Cyber Law (established by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi at NLIU, Bhopal) declared One Year Post Graduation Diploma in Cyber Law in order to deal with new and critical issues relating to various legal aspects of cyberspace through distance learning mode.

Admission Procedure:

Selection of Candidate is on the basis of their past academic record.


Candidates have passes Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized University or a qualification declared by the University as equivalent to it and recognised as such.

How to Apply:

Candidate can obtain Application form along with the information brochure from the university in person or on request. The request letter must be superscripted "Request for P.G. Diploma in Cyber Law (Distance Learning) application form". Applicants can download it from the website www.nliu.ac.in.

Application form fee is Rs.500/- to be paid in cash or through DD of any nationalized bank drawn in favour of ‘Director, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, payable at Bhopal'.

Send the filled downloaded forms to the Registrar, National Law Institute University, Kerwa Dam Road, Bhopal-462044 along with the DD, without which it shall be rejected.  Filled application forms are to be submitted in person or through ‘Speed-Post' only.

Entrance Examination:

Written Exam (Subjective Type): 80 marks

Project (On the topic of the candidate's choice):20 marks

Total 100 marks Dissertation: 100 Marks Examination.

Centre of Examination: NLIU, Bhopal

Course Fee:

  1. Registration Fee for the Program: Rs.1,500/-
  2. Correspondence Fee: Rs. 3,000/-
  3. Tuition Fees: Rs.10,000 (Rs. 5000/-per semester)

Total: Rs. 14,500

Important dates:

Last date of submission of application form: 15 July 2014 till 5 pm

Contact Details:

Contact No.: 0755 - 2696965, +91-7747968863

E-mail- cyberlawadmission@gmail.com


Ask our Counsellors

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