6 Ways to Write a Killer Resume Summary Statement

6 Ways to Write a Killer Resume Summary Statement

6 Ways to Write a Killer Resume Summary Statement

A resume summary statement is your introduction to hiring manager. As the first section of your resume, it serves as primary information for a HR professional to evaluate you as a professional. For years, “objective” section in the resume served as summary. However, a “resume summary statement” has evolved as a more powerful alternative of a traditional “objective” section and becomes more prevalent in resume writing.

A poorly-written summary statement is one of the underlying reasons when it comes to success or failure of your job application. Assuming that it is the first section that a hiring manager looks on, it is reasonable for him/her to consider or not consider a candidate once s/he evaluates a summary statement.

Writing a kickass resume summary statement, however, is test of your writing skills. People use creative resume template for mac or words, yet when it comes to writing the resume summary they fail. For any HR professional, a generic or vague summary statement serves no purpose, leaving him/her clueless about the candidate. For them, a summary statement is a critical part of resume that gives a glimpse into career profile of a candidate without them reading the entire thing.

For you guys struggling with writing a killer summary, here are 6 tips to write one with success:

1.Start With a Hook
As mentioned above, a summary statement is a critical point in your resume that can make or break your job application. Being the first part of your resume, a summary statement gives you an opportunity to hook the reader at the very first attempt. Just like a sales pitch, it accentuate the best parts of your professional skills in a way that showcases you as a potential candidate. An example of a good catchy hook would be: “Having successfully served as marketing manager in my last three jobs, I really believe that management is my cup of tea.”

2.Focus on Strong Points
While writing summary statement, you need to give your career profile the best shot in 3-5 lines. Instead of wasting space on boasting about yourself, write in brevity what makes you the best candidate. For example, “The most qualified marketing professional in the industry” is too generic a statement to describe anything about you. To make it compelling, your summary has to be more specific to your skills, for example “My in-depth skills in market research give me an edge to my contemporaries.”

3.Befit Yourself in the Job
Remember that only compatible candidates stand true to expectations of HR managers. Keeping this mind, you need to craft a summary statement that makes you the right fit for the applied position. In simple words, your summary statement has to match with requirements mentioned in the job description. A good example would be “My physical strength makes me a perfect fit for this strenuous job.” or “My persuasive communication skills allow me to serve the Customer Agent job with higher sales.”

4.Position Yourself as a Candidate
To get ahead in the competition, it is important that your summary describes your distinguished skills that make you a more compatible candidate. A good summary statement serves exactly the same purpose, i.e. highlighting your selling points. A summary statement has to prompt HR professional from the very first section about your outstanding competency that distinguishes you from the rest of the candidates. For example, “The only candidate to have earned an honors in the Marketing subject” or “The first candidate to have received presidential award in the field”

5.Be Direct
Since a summary statement entails what you could offer to an organization, you need to be more direct with your potency as a candidate. For example, “I am the best candidate for this job” or “It is me who can turn out to be a valuable asset for your company” are too vague interpretation of your competency. The better substitutes of the above examples would be “My creative thinking abilities and flawless grammatical expertise makes me a perfect candidate for this writing job.” or “My 15 years of experience in the field suits me for this technical position.”

6.No Clutter
A summary statement is too short for any clutter. It is about conveying the message with brevity, leaving no room for clichés phrases and fillers. It involves writing highlights of your career with minimum words and maximum impact. For example, “My 15 years of experience makes me a suitable candidate for such a technical job" is both stronger and shorter substitute for “I am a highly professional and extremely skilled professional who have years of experience in aviation industry”.

In conclusion,
A resume summary statement is a critical pitching point in your resume that makes a case for you. Similar to a film teaser, it creates an urge in the HR professional to read your resume it till the end. Hope, the above-mentioned tips answers your questions for writing a killer summary statement and helps you get that dream job. Best of luck

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This course in Wokha is offered under different specializations, To get admission to a particular specialization, applicants must have completed their higher secondary in 10+2+3 or 11+1+3 format, Both higher secondary/pre-university and degree must have been obtained from a recognized board and recognized university respectively.
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In India, the present duration of MBBS course is 5.5 years, The actual course period is 4.5 years and one year of rotating internship should be completed, you can find some good MBBS colleges in Aizawl-School of Engineering & Technology, Mizoram University
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On completion of MBBS, for being specialised in a specific field, candidate will have to take up MD or MS course in Roorkee with appropriate specialization.
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