After XIIth you can have a great career in Forensic Science

After XIIth you can have a great career in Forensic Science

Forensic Science as your career after XIIth

Archimedes is universally known as the first forensic scientist in this globe. It is he only who could solve the mystery of the make of the crown of King Hiero II. The mystery was solved by observing the displacement of water from the bathtub after immersing the crown in it.

Until the creation of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, during late 19th century, the use of science as the means to solve the crimes was unknown of. Forensic science can help the investigating authorities to reach up to the scene of crime.

Different TV serials bring out the importance of Forensic Science through different types of crime related serials in different ways, but students still remain in dark about whether this can be a career option.

A few of the enthusiastic students had taken interest to see the possibility of choosing the Forensic Science as a career. In most of the cases the reason of not choosing Forensic Science as the career are 1) Non-availability of study materials in the context of crime scenes: 2) the career is the challenging one and 3) the study is really opted out by the weaker sex (here the weaker sex is obviously meaningful for different reasons).

Relevance of Forensic Science in real life

Application of scientific knowledge is required for studying the forensic science, aiding the justice administration and there is no limit of boundaries for unearthing the subjects being investigated.

What are the faculties of science required for studying forensic science?

The faculties of science, such as Medicine, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are to be studied in the course of forensic science. According to the Director of Institute of Forensic Science, Dr. M.S. Dahiya, in GFSU almost every kind of disputes, whether it is paternity of disputes or petty theft in this world can be solved by looking the problem through the lens of forensic science.

The subject has 3 different fields of studies

The 3 different fields of studies are:

1)       Forensic medicine

2)       Laboratory science

3)       Field science

Forensic Medicine:

Under forensic medicine, subjects like forensic psychiatry, forensic pathology, forensic dentistry (odontology) and forensic medicine are studied.

Laboratory science:

Under forensic laboratory science, subjects like fingerprints, biology, chemistry, questioned impression & its related documents, ballistics, toxicology are the streams of subjects.

Field science

For studying field science in the course of forensic science, a student has to study the investigations of crime scene, drug laboratories and explosion scene.

In this field of study, everything is serious, nothing is considered as casual. So a student of this field must be very careful and very much attentive while undergoing this stream of study. The study is so critical that a student can get only a single chance to collect evidence for leading the investigation.

Is there any chance of ignoring some points as negligible?

No. You can’t ignore anything and commit any single mistake. A single mistake can result in denial of justice. The impression had come from the Senior Assistant Professor in the Punjab University, Chandigarh, Dr. Kewal Krishan in the Department of Anthropology.




Reputed Colleges / Institutes where you can study in the domain

Institute or colleges you can contact


Programmes offered

Amity University



Dr. Harisingh Gour University


MSc, PhD

University of Delhi

New Delhi


Gujarat University



Gujarat Forensic Sciences University



National Institute of criminology (NICFS)

New Delhi


Institute of Forensic Science


BSc, PG Diploma

Panjab University



Osmania University



Punjabi University


MSc, PG Diploma

Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University


MSc, PhD, PG Diploma

University of Lucknow


PG Diploma

Sam Higginbottom Institute


BSc, MSc, PhD, Diploma

Jitendra Chauhan College of Law



St.Xavier’s Collge


Basic/Advanced certificate

Bundelkhand University


BSc, MSc

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