Few differences between the B.Sc in Maths and B.Sc in Statistics

Few differences between the B.Sc in Maths and B.Sc in Statistics

Few differences between the B.Sc in Maths and B.Sc in Statistics

B.Sc degree at graduation level is provided in various specializations Maths and Statistics is one among them.

A person who wishes to do B.Sc is quite confused in order to choose the specialization and the college as well.

B.Sc in Stats

The curriculum of B.Sc in Statistics is designed in such a manner that the subjects like probability and permutations are taught. Once you complete the graduation course either you can work or go for higher studies like M.Sc in Stats from Indian Institute of statistics. There are many Science Colleges in India that provide B.Sc degree and M.Sc degree.

The candidate must have complete 10+2 to study the B.Sc in Statistics course.

Students with B.Sc in Stats will lot of lot of job offers in business environment where the business is become more and more data orientated. With B.Sc in stats one can become a business analyst, research officer, the data analyst or can be an investigator.

Students with B.Sc in stats also have good job offers in government sectors as well. Postgraduates in statistics and Mathematical statistics are also eligible to appear for this examination.

In the private industry the statistical manpower is required in marketing, insurance and the information technology. In the Government departments the students with B.Sc in stats can work in designing, collecting, analyze and interpret the data for planning.

B.Sc in Maths

B.Sc (Maths) focuses on developing the skills that are used in algebra and calculus and the data analysis.

You can also go for higher studies after B.Sc in Maths. Once you complete the graduation course you can study various courses like MCA in India, M.Sc in IT, MBA or M.Sc in Mathematics.

In order to get the good job offer with high paid salary then you should complete masters and then can go for either PhD or start working.

There are various career options that are available in research and teaching institutions, the technical institutions and the various institutions.

There are even good financial companies the data processing companies, the research centers that recruit B.Sc in Maths.

Students who are trained in pure mathematics will get a job in software insurance, the market research, in education institutes and in banking companies.

In applied mathematics the theories and the techniques are used to formulate and solve the problems in business, the physical concepts and the social science.

There are Mathematicians known as cryptanalysts, they basically deal with encryption and decryption codes, they work for military intelligence and the financial information gathering process.

Both B.Sc in Maths and B.Sc in statistics provide equal amount of job offers. It depends on the individual interest and his strengths based on which he/she can choose the course.


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hii, I am from Gumla, plz tell me what are the graduation options I can do in "medical field"
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Hello, good to see that you are from Gumla, in medical field, you can do MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, etc.
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