New Career Choices Available For Science Graduates

New Career Choices Available For Science Graduates

At the end of every academic year, fresh graduates from different streams of education get out of universities and colleges across the nation. They add up to the group of people, who are already waiting for a job after having graduated from universities and colleges in previous year or the years before. But, this happens only for graduates from some specific streams. When it comes to science graduates, they are mostly able to find good employment prospects. There are some employment arenas that are already popular among those from science stream. But, there are also some newer ventures that increase the scope for employment for graduates under science stream. Here are some newer career choices available for these graduates:

Data Analyst:

Even though, this is not a newer position, it has actually gained better popularity these days. For this position, it is important that the applicants should have a strong understanding of statistics and mathematics. In addition, they need good communication and analytical skills. Job in this position will generally involve market research and collection of data from varied sources and analyzing them for better decision making and business operations.

Cyber security specialist:

Nowadays, technology is widely used in almost every aspect of human life. This has lead to the increase in the demand for cyber security specialists. It is expected that the demand for professionals for this position will still increase in the coming years. To apply to this position, the candidates must have knowledge of Unix, Linux, Cyber and Forensic law and they should also have network security knowledge. Professionals appointed for this position will be responsible for identification and development of cyber security solutions.

Forensic Scientist:

There is a huge demand for graduates in forensic science in the information technology, healthcare and biotechnology industries. For this position, the skills needed include logical and analytical skills and the job will generally involve searching for and examining trace materials that can be presented as scientific evidence in court of law for supporting or defending an individual both in criminal and in civil cases.

Mobile app developer:

Nowadays, it is slowly turning out to be hard to find people without a smartphone. Many people these days have started using mobile applications due to the smartphone culture. With this knowledge gained by normal public, many businesses wish to reach out their target audience through their mobile application. So, the demand for mobile application developers is increasing day after day.

For Android app development, candidates should have knowledge of C, Java and C++, while for Windows app development one should have the working knowledge of JavaScript and C#. When it comes to app development for Apple platform, the knowledge of Objective-C or Swift will help. This is a well-paying position as well and candidates doing their science degree can take up courses on these languages separately to find job opportunities in the field of app development.

Apart from these career options, graduates in science stream also have employment prospects in meteorologist position as well.

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