All about graduates from India and china

All about graduates from India and china

All about graduates from India and china

There are many young graduates today either from India or China they are not opting for full time MBA Program. Most of the people today are opting to study MBA through Online, Executive MBA or through Part-time MBA mode.

 In the latest survey here the 328 graduate b-schools in nearly 42 countries by the graduate Management Admission Council conducts the GMAT Entrance exam. It also says that more number of applications are received for the MBA Programmes. There is lot of increase for the people who are opting for the business schools in USA and there is decline in Asia Pacific region.

Business schools in USA are the best destination for the students from India and china and the overall growth is mainly because of the male candidates.As per the last year's survey India was the greatest source for the people to opt for higher studies. Nearly 4.1 applications were received for two years MBA Program where as for full time one year MBA program there was lot of competition for each and every candidate.In the year 2016 and the year 2016 there was the recession at that more application was increasing for full time MBA program. In year 2016 and 2016 full time MBA Program took back its place in the year 2016 and was the best.

The Executive MBA which is best option to climb the corporate ladder is being even opted today by many working professionals. Even today most of the working professionals say that they want to invest their time and energy in the higher education. Just 46% of the applications were increased for the two years full time Programs in 2016 compared to 79% in 2016 and 53% of the applications were increased for one year full time Programmes in 2016 to 77% in 2016.

As there is slow down in the economic growth in china so it is effecting even for Asia Pacific region. Most of the people when opting for MBA are opting to study MBA in Finance and MBA in accounting.

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