Application Procedure And Requirements For An MBA Abroad

Application Procedure And Requirements For An MBA Abroad

Many Indian students these days have the dream of getting their MBA from a foreign university or institution. The Master of Business Administration course being the most sought after courses, admission to this course is highly competitive. When you are planning to apply for an MBA course with a foreign university, it is important that you should understand how to make your application in an effective manner, such that it can stand out among the pool of applications received by the B-School to strike your admission motive. The important point you will have to remember here is that your application is simply a documentation of all your crucial records and here are the details about the documents you will have to submit during the application procedure:

Resume: It is important that your resume should showcase your work experience. Here, do not forget to highlight the achievements you have made if any in your profession and showcase your skills as well. It is better to ensure that your resume does not exceed a single page.

Letters of recommendation: These documents are shortly called as LORs and this document is something highly expected by B-Schools. Most of the universities look for two to four such letters from applicants. You can get at least 2 such letters from your previous employers. These letters will be used by the B-Schools for validating the information you have given in your essay.

Essay: Essay is something that will play a crucial role in your admission procedure. Most B-Schools specify the topic on which the essay should be written by the applicants. Here, it is better to make sure that you use a simple language and flow of information in your essay. For demonstrating your capabilities and skills, you can substantiate your arguments here with appropriate examples.

Cover letter: Most of the B-schools require that the applicants must submit an extensive cover letter. The content of this letter is used for judging the language proficiency of the applicants. Here, you can talk about your career goals and the reasons why you wish to choose MBA for your higher education and also about your suitability for the course. Most of the B-schools require that the cover letter should be within a certain word limit and if specified, do not forget to stick to it.

General requirements to know: Even though, many students from across the globe might have the same goal of getting an MBA from a reputed foreign institution, the entry requirements and program structure varies widely among B-Schools. However, there are some general requirements that remain the same and they are:

  • At least four years of study after completion of higher secondary
  • Good educational record
  • IELTS/TOEFL score in the case of applicants from non-English native. GMAT score, which is highly important if you are planning to do an MBA from the United States, unless otherwise specified by the university.
  • Most of the foreign universities require that the applicants must have at least two years of work experience.

Now, after you are aware of the fundamental requirements, you can prepare yourself accordingly for a study abroad MBA.

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