Common Mistakes Done By Students Studying Abroad

Common Mistakes Done By Students Studying Abroad

Study abroad is generally the first opportunity when young students will have to travel to a new nation all alone. So, it is common that they commit some mistakes. Here are the details about the mistakes commonly done by students studying abroad, so that students, who plan to join a foreign university or institution should be aware of these mistakes, so that they can stay protected:

Advance booking for weekend trips: It is true that studying abroad is the great opportunity to explore nearby countries or at least cities in the new nation. So, students are generally tempted to make the bookings in advance. But, it is suggested that students should wait for some months, until they get used to the new nation. Nowadays, it is easier to book budget hotels and flights and even local transportation services in the last minute in many countries. So, it is better to avoid the mistake of booking weekend trips in advance.

Not making a budget: It is important that students opting for study abroad courses will have to make a weekly budget for shopping trips that happen randomly, for transportation, for meals and for some emergency expenses. But, many students do not make a budget and finally, they find themselves in need of money. So, this mistake should be avoided.

Not learning the language: Most students assume that everyone can speak English. But, this will not happen at all times, particularly when the study abroad program is planned in a non-English native nation, it is better to take up a course on fundamentals of the local language. When they visit a nation, students can gain respect from the locals, if they put some effort to communicate with the local people.

Not living with local students or host family: When a student visits a foreign nation for studying abroad, it is better to remember that living with a host family will add a new dimension to studies. If there is no host family, it is better to live with local students. Both these options will provide the opportunity to learn more about the locals and their culture.

Buying an expensive international phone: Rather than using an international phone when a student studies abroad, it is better to buy a local phone for usage when staying abroad. Here, when purchasing a local phone, it is better to go with a simple model with just some fundamental functions, so that spending huge money can be avoided. This is because there are chances of losing the phone as they can be deceived in the new country.

Thinking local rules do not apply: Students generally think that they need not have to follow the local rules, just because they are from a foreign nation. They feel that they can escape by telling that they are from a foreign nation and do not know the rules. But, there are great chances that they will be arrested or fined for not following the local rules. So, it is better to keep informed about the local rules.

The other mistakes like excessive traveling, partying too much and longing for family members should also be avoided.

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