Different Kinds of Study Abroad Scholarships Offered to Indian Students

When you think of study abroad, the first thing comes to our mind is abou huge fees and expenses. Thogh many want to study in foreign universities, they are not able to take a step ahead, thinking of the expenses. But now, many scholarships are available for students who wish to study abroad for higher studies. The only requirement to be done for student is, get admission to a foreign university, based on his/her academic record and aptitude test scores, then there are so many opportunities for scholarship. So stop worrying about fees ... enjoy your dream of studying abroad !! Below are the details of scholarships available for different countries and universities

Australia Scholarships for Study Abroad:
Australis is the leading country in attracting foreign students. Australia offers a number of scholarships to international students.

Australia Awards Scholarships: Australian Agency for International Development, does the selection process for this scholarship. They are offered to those who have joined in PG and Post Doctoral courses. The scholarship is entitled to an exemption from tuition fees and to meet the academic costs required for research.

Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students: Scholarships are available for PG and Postdoctoral Studies candidates under this program. 2,01,00 Australian dollars per year are allotted under this scholarship. Schoalarship time period is, PG candidates have two years and PhD candidates have three and half years.

Endeavor Australia Cheng Kong Research Fellowship: This scholarship scheme available to foreign students who want to do research in programmes between four to six years. The selected candidates will receive $ 23,500.

Endeavor Vocational Education and Training Awards: Candidates who joined Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree in Colleges and Universities within the affiliatio of Australian Government are entitiled for this. A maximum of USD 1,19,500 is granted. Website for details: https://india.highcommission.gov.au/ndli/study8.html

Australia International Postgraduate Research Scholarships: A scholarship scheme for postgraduate research students. Every year some 300 foreign students are selected based on their respective standards (research topic, academic record, etc.). Website for details: https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

Germany Scholarships for Study Abroad:
Germany is a country known for its manufacturing, automobile and research. Universities here offer a number of scholarships for foreign students coming to higher education.

DDA Scholarship: Scheme for providing the highest scholarship for foreign students studying in Germany. The scholarship will cover research, tuition fees and travel grants. Almost all universities are covered by this scholarship. Website for details: https: www.daad.in/en

Kofi Annan MBA Scholarship for Developing Countries: This is a program made available to foreign students who enroll in management courses at the European School of Management and Technology in Germany. Students enrolled in Management PG courses with at least one year duration can apply for this scholarship. Those selected will receive a scholarship of 25 thousand euros under ESMT category and 43,500 euros under MIM category. Website for details: www.esmt.org

Sinapore Scholarships for Study Abroad:
Singapore, is the favourate destination to study abroad for Indian students in recent years. Singapore, which has 3 government universities and several private institutes offers many scholarships to international students to study abroad in Singapore.

SIA Youth Scholarship: This is a unique program offered by the Singapore Government of Education. It is offered to students attending recognized junior colleges in Singapore. Those who are eligible will receive a free hostel facility for two years plus 2,400 Singapore dollars. Website for details: www.moe.gov.sg/home

Nanyang Scholarship: This is a Government univesity. This is a merit based scholarship offered by the Nanyang Technological University. Having the best academic track record and the Students admitted to the Bachelor's Degree Courses of this University are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Those selected will get tuition fees, book allowance, travel allowance and free accommodation. Website for details: admissions.ntu.edu.sg

Singapore Millennium Scholarships : These are scholarships offered for pre-doctoral and postdoctoral research enthusiasts in the fields of science and engineering. For this, 2000 Singapore dollars per month are given for MSc students, PhD students gets three thousand Singapore dollars and post-doctoral candidates will get five thousand Singapore dollars. Website for details: www.singaporemillenniumfoundation.com.sg

Singapore International Graduate Award: This is a program jointly developed by leading universities in Singapore. Candidates who have completed their PhD in Science and Engineering in their respective universities can apply. Those who are selected will receive 24,000 Singapore Dollars annually for four years. Website for details: www.a-star. edu.sg/singa-award

NUS MBA Fellowship: The NUS MBA Fellowship is a financial incentive offered to those who have entered MBA programs at the National University of Singapore. A minimum of eight thousand and a maximum of 58 thousand Singapore dollars is paid as allowance, depending on the specialization chosen in the MBA. Website for details: mba.nus.edu./en/fees-finances/scholarships

UK Scholarships for Study Abroad:
UK is the next destination for Indian students after USA . Reason is for famous universities and quality teaching. There are many scholarship facilities available for higher education in the UK, where fees and other costs are high.

Great Britain Scholarships: Great Britain Scholarships is the number one scholarship available to foreign students in the UK. These are scholarships offered annually by the British Council. 67 students from India, will be awarded this year. The amount of the scholarship depends on the university. Scholarships range from five thousand to seven thousand pounds for PG courses. Website for details: www.britishcouncil.in

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships: It is offered to students of Post Graduation and Research. A minimum of three thousand pounds and a maximum of seven thousand pounds can be obtained from this scholarship. Students of Arts, Heritage and Culture Studies are preferred. Website for details: www.britishcouncil.in

Chevening Scholarships: This is a global scholarship program offered directly by the UK Government. Students of all courses at PG level are eligible for this scholarship. Those who are eligible will receive a tuition fee as an exemption. As part of the selection process, students are required to apply through the Chevening website based on the Admission Confirmation Letter from the UK University. The online process, along with the academic track record of the candidates, will be considered during the selection process and the final list will be released. Website for details: www.chevening.org

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Scholarships: This is the programme offered for students from developing countries in Commonwealth Member States. It serves over 800 people annually. Students of all courses at the PG level are eligible. There is no limit for tuition fee excemption. For more details visit : http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk

Felix Scholarships Scholarships: Available to students from developing countries who have entered PG courses at universities in the UK. Those selected are entitled to a tuition fee exemption. Website for details: www.felixscholarship.org

IELTS Awards: Scholarship awarded by the British Council to those who have excelled in the IELTS test, which is required for admission to universities in the UK. Selection process is done based on the IELTS score. The selected candidates will be paid a tuition fee of Rs.Three lakhs. Website for details: www.britishcouncil.org

Gates Cambridge Scholarships: This is offered by Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation. These are available only to those who are admitted to Cambridge University. Selected students may receive university fees, residential expenses and dependents allowances. Full website: www.gatescambridge.org

Hornby Educational Trust: For nearly five decades, AS Hornby Educational Trust is offering this scholarship facility to overseas students studying in UK. The is mainly offered to those who pursue PG degree courses in English language at the University of Warwick. Website for details: www.hornby-trust.org.uk

USA Scholarships for Study Abroad:
When you think of Overseas Education, the first preferred country that strikes in our mind is USA. Recently, Terms have changed drastically in USA. Ther are many scholarships available which give financial aid to students of India, who want to study in USA. Those details ..

Fulbright - Nehru Fellowships: Scheme Available for admission to PG courses in the departments of, Arts, Culture, Management, Environmental Studies, Public Administration and Management. Candidates selected for this fellowship will be awarded a tuition fee and a matching amount of residence expenses. Website for details: www.usief.org.in

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program: This is an American Government-sponsored incentive. Who have atleast five years of professional experience are eligible to receive this fellowship. Particularly for those who wish to gain professional experience in the fields of Sustainable Bull Development, Democratic Institution Building, Education and Public Health. Selected candidates will receive a tuition fee and a reasonable amount of accommodation costs. Website for details: www.humphreyfellowship.org

Agahan Foundation International Scholarship Program: Another scholarship program for candidates who enter postgraduate courses at universities in the US. Those who opt for this will be given 50% of the tuition fee free and another 50% in the form of a loan. Website for details: www.akdn.org

AACE Scholarships: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Scholarships for Agriculture, Chemical, Civil, Industrial, Architectural, Building Construction, Mechanical, Mining and Electrical Engineering. Scholarships range from two thousand dollars to eight thousand dollars annually. It is based on the talent of the candidates and the branch chosen. Website for details: www.aace.org

Some other famous scholarships in USA are:
Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund.
Tata scholarship to Cornell University
on a Fulbright Research Fellowship Nehru
SN Bose Scholars Student Exchange Program for Indian students
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students
In addition, students can find full information by visiting the universities' websites from time to time.

Canada Scholarships for Study Abroad:
Canada is the border country of the USA. Universities in Canada are leading the way in providing quality education. Internationally, students from various countries are going to Canada for higher education.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships are available to research enthusiasts in the fields of Health Science, Natural Sciences, Engineering Ring, Social Sciences and Humanities. Anually 70 people are eligible for this. Selected candidates receive a scholarship for two years at a cost of $ 70,000 per year. Website: www.banting.fellowships-bourses.gc.ca

True Day Scholarships: It is also offered to Doctoral (Research) students. These are available for those who wish to pursue a PhD in the Social Sciences and Humanities departments. Those selected will receive a $ 60,000 scholarship, plus a travel allowance of $ 20,000 each year. Website for details: www.trudeaufoundation.ca

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: This is the programme, mutually run by, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences, Engineering Research Council of Canada, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Those who have finalized admission into PhD and integrated PhD programs at universities in Canada can apply for these scholarships. The scholarship is awarded annually for three years at a cost of $ 50,000. Website for details: www.vanier.gc.ca

Other Scholarships: Canada Graduate Scholarships - Masters Programs, IDRC Research Awards; NS ERC Postgraduate Scholarships; Annevalle Ecological Fund.

Japan Scholarships for Study Abroad:
Offers a number of scholarships specifically for Indian students.

Japanese Government Scholarships Research Student: This scholarship is awarded to those who have taken PG and PhD courses in 17 disciplines including humanities, social sciences, IT, mathematical sciences, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering. Those selected will receive a stipend of 1,43,000 Japanese yen annually for two years. In addition to the tuition fee, you are free. Website for details: www.in.emb-japan.go.jp

Under Graduate Studies: These are scholarships for undergraduate studies who got admissions in Bachelor's Degree Courses in Social Science, Natural Science, Engagement and Medicine. A scholarship of 1,17,000 yen per year for five years is offered.

Young Leaders Programme: This is a scholarship scheme available to students who are doing PG courses. Admission to Japanese Universities in Master's Degree Courses in Public Administration, Local Governance, Law and Business Administration Scholarships are awarded in the form of 2,42,000 Japanese Yen per month over a period of one year.

Asian Development Bank - Japan Scholarship: ADB-Japan Scholarship is a financial incentive for students enrolled in PG programs in Economics, Management, Science and Technology courses. ADB Bank offers this scholarship to 150 people annually. Those who are eligible will be entitled to a tuition fee, and other academic-related expenses. Website for details: www.adb.org

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