When is the Right Time to Start GRE Preparation?

When is the Right Time to Start GRE Preparation?

GRE preparation

I often asked when I should start GRE preparation. Let's see what are these people. I  classify them into three groups. These three groups in two different docs here.

The first group is GRE aspirants who have already finished their undergraduate studies or even a postgraduate studies and are either working or are waiting for the first job to start. For you, there are two options-

One when do you want to start a graduate program abroad? Because you may feel, you should take some work experience. No, I'm not asking you to get work experience. As I personally have a very different take on whether one should accumulate work experience before getting into a known business graduate program. But if you believe that you should then look at it from the perspective of deadlines. With programs opening their applications as early as August, the funding opportunities in top programs are sliding further of the months.

That is one way for the programs to check how sincerely and diligently have you been preparing for your graduate studies.

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As working on applications takes time and it is free. Submitting these applications is a two-minute task and will require application fees.

There are no problems at all if your letters of recommendation are delayed beyond the application submission date. Universities understand that something is not under your complete control and all of this multitasking might be required only if you delay GRE till the dead line.

Ask yourself what is the priority for GRE preparation? Taking the test early, getting to score or working on applications the conventional route. If you feel that taking the rest early will not affect your score due to a time crunch, follow the conventional root. But getting a big school is a top priority and taking the test lead might actually help you improve your final school. But a good 10 to 15 points you might want to be prepared for the multitasking.

Prepare for GRE:

One more thing should you be prepared to take it off, from your work in the last few days? Honestly, it is a very subjective thing. You might want to give yourself and uninterrupted duration of preparation in the last week. Or you might be fine with the regular three to four hours a day in the last week along with your job.

Pretty much a matter of mental makeup and tenacity. So this is about people who have somewhere around six months plus or minus two months to go before the deadline. But if you have a working professional who is targeting a later intake. Let's say more than 12 months to their deadline, still ask yourself what is the harm in getting started early.

As the more experience you get, the more involved you become, the more projects come your way. The fewer hours you might be left with six or 12 months down the line for GRE preparation.

So why wait till the point where you must spare three hours a day. You could always start one hour a day. There is no harm in taking the GRE, eight months before a deadline. That is my opinion. You look at your schedule and identify that one hour that you spare consistently. If we can do it consistently then go ahead and get started.


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Hii, You secured very good percentage, you can get best engineering college, plz check here Engineering in Osmanabad
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Hii, plz suggest me What higher studies options are available after completion of MBBS in Bijnor?
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On completion of MBBS, for being specialised in a specific field, candidate will have to take up MD or MS course in Bijnor with appropriate specialization.
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