Guidelines for student visa to study abroad.

Guidelines for student visa to study abroad.

Guidelines for student visa to study abroad.

As many people are migrating to other country for better and higher education. They should know that only applying to course is not enough you need visa to enter in other country. A visa is nothing is documents which allow you enter in other country. There are different types of visa.  Student visa is one of them. Student visa is required for the studies in abroad. Student visa is for whom who seek admission in any institute of the place and registered for the same.

Process for applying for student visa:

Process for applying for student visa is different for different countries. Below are the common documents to be required:

  • A letter from institution that allowing you for admission.
  • Bank statement that proofs you have a certain amount of money in a bank account with your name on it with which you will use to live
  • Proof of source for paying tution fees
  • Passport is must.

Country wise Requirement and process:

United Kingdom: documents-

  • a current passport or other valid travel documentation
  • two coloured passport sized photos  with name written on the reverse side
  • proof bank statement that shows you are able pay for your course - this will vary depending on your circumstances
  • proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18
  • tuberculosis test reports


  • Visit the website of the Italian Consulate that has your state in its jurisdiction.To view the list of Italian consulate visit:
  • The application, instructions and list of required documents are on the website. Follow these very carefully.
  • You may call or email the consulate to ask questions or discuss special circumstances of your student(s). Each consulate also has an email address you may use to ask your questions.


The student must check their consulate's website for the exact requirements. To view list of Spanish consulates visit the website.


Submit a state-issued Criminal Background Check from the state of residence (students should perform an online search of “Criminal Background Check” with their state of residence to get instructions on how to obtain the Background Check). The state Criminal Background Check must also be verified with an Apostille from the Secretary of State's office of the issuing state.


Submit the FBI Background Check. FBI Background checks can take 8-10 weeks to be processed and returned to students, so early submission is essential.


Although, student visa requirements are similar for every consulate, the student must check the appropriate consulate’s website for the exact requirements. An interactive map with links to the individual French Consulates in the United States can be found on the Embassy's website at:

Does a student have to appear in person at the consulate to obtain a student visa?

Some country have  facility for students to doesn’t appeared in person at consulate but  for some countries it is compulsory .Some agencies you can consider using include Zierer Visa Service ( or Perry Visa (

Can a student extend his/her visa for further studies?

Extending visa in some countries, it is very tedious or more challenging but it is more easier in some countries.

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