Harvard University vs MIT School of Engineering: Which one to choose?

Harvard University vs MIT School of Engineering: Which one to choose?

Harvard University vs MIT School of Engineering: Which one to choose?

After completion of 10+2, many students want to pursue their engineering from top university of the world. Mostly they get confused either to go for the university or to choose a good course. It is really important that before flying to your dream university, you make the right move. If we talk about Harvard University, it is rated among the top universities of the USA and world to study abroad in USA. It is ranked among top 5 universities of the world and is famous for its innovative approach and research work whereas MIT School of Engineering is also another engineering college which is famous for its courses and high standard of education. It is really tough to make a choice between these two leading universities. Let’s check out some major points which make these universities different from others-

Ranking: In a recent US News ranking, the MIT School of Engineering has been ranked at 1st position and Harvard University is rated at 18th place in overall ranking. However, if we look at the subject-based ranking, Harvard University captures maximum top places in all major subjects which is comparatively far behind the MIT School.

Number of International students: Harvard University is very popular among students to pursue their higher education in USA. Alomsot 20% of student population at Harvard is foreign students. However, MIT boasts of 10% of their student population as foreign students.

Scholarships: There are almost 62% students at MIT who received scholarships from the university which need not to be repaid. However, the scholarships at Harvard University are limited and in most cases they are merit based scholarships.

Programme offered: Harvard University and MIT School of engineering offer 8 major engineering programmes to students. Harvard offers some courses which you will not find in MIT School of Engineering such as Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Sciences and Engineering, Computer Science. Similarly, MIT offers some courses which you will unable to find at Harvard University such as Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nuclear Science and Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Cost of study: If you want to study at MIT School of Engineering, you need to pay a good amount as fee. Here you need to pay $ 55, 270 per year, which is really a big amount to spend in a year. On the other hand if you want to complete your engineering from Harvard University then get ready to pay $ 57, 550 which mean that you need to pay at least $ 2000 more if you want to earn Harvard University’s degree.

Application Deadlines: Both the universities are very famous among student and a large number of students apply to these universities to pursue their higher education. The application deadline for the Harvard University is in the month of January, but if you want to apply in MIT School you will get one more month to apply because here the last date of application is month of February.

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0 # Harikiran 2019-03-25
Hello, I am from Gaya, plz tell me Is there an any degree equivalent to MBA and of same weightage in terms of placement
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0 # Mukesh 2019-03-26
Hii, PGDM is equivalent to MBA, you can do PGDM from any good college of Gaya, so you can get placement easily
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0 # Harikiran Older than three months
Hii, I am from Azamgarh, please tell me the duration of B.Ed course
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
Hello, Good to see that you are from Azamgarh, the duration of B.Ed course is 2 years
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0 # Aayush Older than three months
Hii, I am from , plz tell me Is there any provision that one can pursue any other management degree or diploma in IIMs without appearing for any entrance test ?
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0 # Shruti Older than three months
No, for getting admission in IIMs for management course, you should have to clear entrance exam, but there are many other MBA colleges in where without entrance you can take admission
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