Higher Education in Europe

Higher Education in Europe

Higher Education in Europe

Higher Education plays a central role in the development of both individuals and the modern societies.

It enhances social, cultural and economic development, active citizenship and ethical values.

Choosing the right combination of course, college and the country is probably one of the most important decisions any student who wants to study abroad has to make.

To a student higher education in Europe is an international asset. Many countries such as france, germany , Italy ,Finland , Denmark , Hungary ,the Netherlands, Ireland , poland  and the UK have a very similar pattern of admission. There are very few exceptions.

Degree level applicants should have completed their higher secondary education and be eligible for admission to a university in their own country.

Post graduate level applicants should have completed bachelor degree or the Master degree or an equivalent course. Admission to the Masters and the doctrol programs is based on previous academic results.

Applicants have to submit a short essay on the dissertation they purpose to do.

Applicants should submit the following documents to the International study center.

1. An officially certified copy of a high school, diploma or most recent diploma or certificates.

2. The Transcript of records

3. A completed of application form

4. CV for the Masters Degree program

5. Copeis of identification pages of passport

6.4 Photos (4*5 cm)

Non native English speakers are required to submit a copy of TOEFL/IELTS score report. The TOEFL score should not be less then 530 points for bachelors studies. Required IELTS Score 6, 0 for bachelor's studies and 6, 5 for Masters Studies.

Application documents will be processed  only after the ISC recieives the application fee for Euros 60.

A successful candidate will be informed of his admission by the Admission council through a letter, accompanied by a contract.

The contract comes into force after it has been signed and the first tuition fee has been paid.

Visa Information

A temporary residence permit is obligatory when pursing courses that are longer than three months.When applying for a visa or a residence permit, students should approach the Embassy or consulate of the country concerned in their home country.

Citizens of EU member countries, the USA, Canada, Norway, Australia and Japan can apply for  a residence permit.

After successfully completing the application procedure and paying the tuition fee you will receive an invitation letter from the university confirmed by the immigration office.

It is desirable to start the application procedure for the multiple entry visa or residence permit at least three months before the beginning of the studies becuase of the prolonged duration of the procedure.

The international study center should be notified of the positive response to the application of residence permit at least one month proir to the beginning of the study period.

Principal requirements for residence permit.

1. Official invitation for residence permit provided by the university

2. Application form provided by the embassy or consulate

3. Copy of passport

4.2 photos 4* 5 cm

5. Proof of tuition fee payment

At present the charge for the students is Euros 160.


The organization  for Economic cooperation and development classfies higher education institutions into three categories

Public government-dependent private and independent private.

Most german ,french ,US and Australian institutions are in the first category .Most dutch and british institutions fall into the second category and most japanese institutions are in the third category.

Responsibilty for the provision of higher education has always varied from country to country.

In the European countries it has traditionlly been viewed as the dutty of the state.

A recent study shows that the tuition fee charged in about half of the member states of the European Union is very small campared with that charged by the national universities in japan or by state universities in the United States.

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