How to Convince your Parents for Studying Abroad

How to Convince your Parents for Studying Abroad

How to Convince your Parents to Studying Abroad

It is the dream for any ambitious student to go abroad for further studies. There they get a great infrastructure and good exposure about the subject they want to master. But, it is not that easy to qualify the entrance exam for foreign universities. Students work really hard to get a chance for studying abroad. They study throughout the day for years to qualify the entrance exam to get admission in the foreign university. Some of them are so intelligent and hardworking that they are awarded the scholarships.

To study the entire course and cover all the topics is not the only challenge students face while trying to go abroad for further studies. They have one more challenge to overcome, and that is to convince their parents and get their permission to go abroad for further studies. Here in this article, we will be looking at few ways to convince your parents to go abroad for studies.

Ways to Convince your Parents:

  •  Ensure them that it is safe out there:

The first and foremost concern of parents is the safety of their child. That may be the reason that they are not allowing you to go abroad. So, to convince them, you should make them realise that the place where you want to go is safe for outsiders. If any of your friends is already there, then you can make him talk to your parents.

  • Tell how important it is for your career:

Educate your parents about the opportunities you will have after completing your further studies from abroad. Tell them that it could be life-changing move (in a positive way) for you. Inform them about the alumni of that institute and their success stories. This may be helpful in convincing them as all the parents want their child to be successful in his/her life.

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  • Tell them about the financial support that you get in the form of scholarships:

Most of the parents, who run a middle-class family, are mostly worried about the expenditure involved in going abroad. If that is the concern of your parents, then you should tell them about the various scholarship programs being conducted by foreign universities. These universities provide scholarships to encourage students from various parts of the world to join their institute.

  • Let them know about the hard work that you have put in:

 Tell them that you have worked really hard day and night to qualify the entrance examination of that university. You have not only studied the subjects but also mastered a language that is mandatory to get admission in that foreign university. It may be a possible that your parents realise that how badly you want this opportunity.

  • There is not 24x7 party environment:

 Most of the parents have heard about the party culture of the west. They have an assumption that all the foreign places are like that only. The people there enjoy a lot, and their culture is entirely different than ours. People in foreign countries do not respect elders, and they discard their parents once they are old. You need to tell them that this is really not the case.

So, these tips will help you to convince your parents and get permission to go abroad for studies.

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