MBA and Germany

MBA and Germany

German universities is well known for the education it provides. Many of the Indian students have the aim to study abroad.MBA from Germany is recognized all over the world. Study MBA in Germany is the best destination for higher education opted by many Indian students. Pursuing MBA from Germany is a real good move.

People who opt for doing MBA in Germany has lot of job offers in Germany as well as in India. One advantage of studying MBA from Germany is the MBA study programs are immediately followed by the paid internships jobs. These may get translated into full time jobs also.

Since German companies such as Siemens, Bosch, SAP etc. are apparently involved in hiring the sharp management graduates from the foreign countries, it has been observed that a large number of former students who return to India continue to work for the same companies as foreign spokesperson in the same way that they used to work while in internship in Germany.

In most of the top MBA universities in Germany, the tuition fee is not charges and the student is only supposed to bear living expenses such as accomdations,food,transport ,health insurance etc. Study in Germany gives you the flexibility of work permit while you pursue the MBA degree. You study visa will let you to work around 20 hours per week. You can also comfortably stay back in Germany for 1 year after you have completed your MBA degree.

Many of them opt for MBA from German degree you can hunt for the job meanwhile and can get your work permit extended by the employer .You can also seek permanent residence status after you have successfully worked for 5 yrs. on full time in Germany. There are various top universities in Germany that require the good work experience and as well as GMAT score. One is also supposed to produce the score of any English language test such as TOEFL score , IELTS score  etc.

Like everything the decision of pursuing MBA from Germany too has some intricacies involved and you may feel that it's not really a good move. Communication can pose a number of hurdles for your stay in Germany since there are a maximum percentage of students conversing with each other in German. For this you have to pursue the management degree from English speaking country. Germany is basically famous for research and development programs.

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