Preparation Tips To Stay In The United States

Preparation Tips To Stay In The United States

Experts are of the opinion that careful planning is the key to make your time abroad a great success. Also, it is recommended that you should begin the planning process well in advance as there are many things to plan. In addition to the selection of the right school and application process, you should also prepare a list of things that can make your stay in the foreign nation easier. If you are planning to study abroad in the United States, you can plan the following things before leaving India:

Student visa:

When it comes to educational courses, F1 Visa is required and it is issued to the students attending an educational programme or English language course at the United States. This is the most common form of international student visa in this country. This visa permits on-campus and part-time employment and students are expected to complete their educational course before the expiration date specified in the I-20 form.

Living with student Visa in the United States:

Unless and until you have a granted assistantship permit, you cannot work in the United States to meet your living and educational expenses. The important point to remember when you live in the United States is that the immigration rules are strict, so you should be highly careful right at your planning stages itself. This will ensure that you can get a rewarding study abroad programme in the United States. You should remember to be realistic about your monetary requirements, so that you can enjoy your educational and cultural experience of staying and studying in the United States.

Health care in the nation:

Unlike many other countries offering study abroad programs, the United States does not provide any socialized health care. Generally, health care in this nation can cost somewhere between hundreds to thousand dollars on the basis of the issue for which you seek medical help. This is why most of the Americans have medical insurance to cover themselves against huge health care expenses. Even though, most of the colleges offer general medical care within the campus with lesser charge, if you wish to get treated from an external practitioner, it will of course cost you more. The international student office at your new institution in the United States will suggest you about the right suitable health care policy.


It is better to arrive at a communication channel before actually arriving at the United States. Even though, you will get access to a call people or can make people to call you, both will cost more. So, the best strategy you can follow is to go for a combination of using your mobile phone and calling cards.

Travel arrangements:

It is important to plan this aspect before you leave your home nation. You can purchase your travel tickets in advance, only if you have a travel budget for yourself and when you can take advantage of lower costs. To get the most of your travel budget, you can use a combination of automobiles, buses, trains and airplanes.

Temporary accommodation:

Staying in the youth hostel can be the best idea during your study abroad course in the United States.

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