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Study in USA | MBA in USA | Way2college

USA is among the top destination for students not only from India but from around the world. This is because of the availability of advancement, infrastructure, technology and experienced faculty members.

Most of the aspirants today go for USA for their higher studies. USA has world’s top Universities, top educational institutes, American schools that provide the best education to the candidates.

Most of the candidates wish to travel to USA for graduations, post graduation, Phd and post doctoral programs being run by many colleges in USA. The most common of all courses which is being opted by students who wish to study in USA is courses for their Graduation.

Many students also prefer to complete their graduation from India and then plan for their higher studies in USA and enrol in several Post Graduate programs. Students prefer USA for various streams like, MBA, Msc, M Tech, MD, M Pharmacy, and so on. Not only post graduation, but many students also go for higher studies and enrol themselves with faculty members and institutes to pursue their Phd and even Post doctorate courses in subject and topic they decide after discussing with their guide and professor.

Admission to Post graduation Degree:

In order to get admission to these Post graduation courses in USA one should have a valid graduation degree in hand and then has to appear in competition exams ment for the selection by colleges in USA. For MS and MA programs students has to clear TOEFL and GRE General Test and For MBA and other Management related programs TOEFL and GMAT entrance exam is conducted.

IELTS entrance exam (International English Language Testing System) is becoming popular even in the US too and is being accepted by many universities now.

Doctorate Degree:

Admission to doctoral level programs in usually done after completing Master's degree. But there are certain US universities that accept even those with a Bachelor’s degree. But, the length of program might be longer than for those with a Master’s degree.

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After accepting the students the respected institution or universities will send the required documents which are required to submit along with the VISA.

Accommodation is also very important in USA. In USA you are provided with two options- campus and off campus housing. Universities provide dormitories with necessary facilities. Or else you can easily a rent house off campus.

There are many good consultancies in India that provide the complete details and information regarding the Living expenses and complete US Education cost to students and parents. Students can also work while studying in USA and are allowed to do part time jobs up to 20 hours per week as a full time student. During holidays this is extended up to 40 hours per week.

As mentioned above few test conducted for seeking admissions in US Universities are

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): TOEFL is the entrance exam conducted to check the English Proficiency for those students those whose native is not English. The TOEFL Entrance exam syllabus includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE): The GRE test is required for students to enrol in masters or doctoral programs in the arts, sciences, humanities, and engineering fields.

Students should get F1 Visa to study USA. The cost of education in USA includes both Tution Fess and living expenses. The Admissions Office or postgraduate school department will send you information about their academic programs. This will include an application form. (You might be able to obtain a specific school's application form at your local educational advising centre.) .

Students applying to U.S. colleges and universities have to write the examination like GMAT and GRE. International students must also take a test that measures English proficiency (TOEFL).These tests are given at test centres around the world.

In India these tests are held in most major cities round the year. You should send the test scores directly to the colleges or the universities you are applying.

There are many more things that has be submitted to the colleges and the universities but there are consultancies in India that will let you know regarding the other procedures, regarding the VISA Details, regarding the deposit and many more.

Cost of USA Education

The tuition fee is different for different universities and courses

Institute Type

Approx Tuition Fees

Private Institutions (High Cost)

$ 25,000

Private Institutions (Low Cost)

$ 15,000

State Institutions (High Cost)

$ 20,000

State Institutions (Low Cost)

$ 10,000

Approx Living Expenses
The approximate living expense in USA is about $10,000. It includes accommodation as well as other daily expenses. The main expenses can be approx. as below


$ 400 per month 
(you can live alone with that amount in a place like Auburn or share an apartment with 6 people in NY)


$ 100 per month


$ 100 per month


$ 100 per month


$ 200 per month

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i dont have science in+2, its posible to do medsin
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i like to do medsin in usa or uropian country at very very very low fees, i dont have biology in +2, only cheme,phsis,elect.../ its posible to do
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my strong desire ask me do engineering there in USA via aerospace due to lack of knowledge and finance, i am unable to get in touch there. So please anybody bring my desire under your action.
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I have completed my BA and my gpa score is 3.85 and I am looking for universities offering scholarship's in journalism
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I went best polytechnic college
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@sumit kumar The bachelor of technology (commonly abbreviated as B.Tech. or B.Tech. (Hons) or BT) is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after completion of a three or four-year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution. In general, the degree is awarded to those who have undertaken a degree program which is additionally supplemented by either occupational placements (e.g. supervised practice or internships), practice-based classroom courses, or associate degrees. Due to these requirements, the degree normally takes at least four years.
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@ buvanakarthik these are some of good institutes for biotech in USA- University of California - San Francisco - University of Pennsylvania - University of California - San Diego - Johns Hopkins University - Washington University - St. Louis - University of Washington - University of California - Los Angeles
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