The Application Procedure for doing MS from USA

The Application Procedure for doing MS from USA

The Application Procedure for doing MS from USA

The Master of Science degree from USA is one of the best course and can be done after the Bachelor degree in Science. The course is a mixture of both theory and research based concepts.

The candidate should have a graduate degree, or should have completed engineering degree or its equivalent from the recognized university. There are many MS Universities in USA that provides the best course.

To take admission for the MS Degree from abroad one must also have undergone 12+4 years of education. If the candidate has undergone 12+3 years of education then they are required to take either the master program or go for any substantial courses.

The application process that is required for applying to the US Universities for the MS Program are mentioned below step by step

1. Take the GRE Score or the TOEFL Test.

2. Choose 5 to 10 universities based on the scores obtained in GRE or TOEFL, based on the Academic percentage and even depending upon the cost of education.

3. Ensure that the course is accredited. Accreditation is the certificate course that ensures that the school or the program meets the prescribed academic record.

For seeking admission to Master of Science program in USA, mentioned below are the documents that have to be sent are:

1. Demand draft or Bank cheque for the Application fee in case you have not paid the fee.

2.1 Recommendation letters each from 3 lectures.

3. A copy of GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS Score.

4. Transcripts of the Bachelor degree.

5. Bachelor degree if available.

6. SSC/ICSE/10th certificate or its equivalent certificate.

7. HSC/ISC/12th certificate or its equivalent.

8. Statement of purpose.

9. Bank Statement.

10. Affidavit.

11. Work Experience or the Study certificate.

12. Copy of first and the last pages of the passport.

13. Copies and proofs of the relevant  extra curricular activities..

Select the school in USA based on the scores obtained in GRE or TOEFL.  If the School's tuition is high, and then look for the funding offers like fee waivers, assistantships available  in your university particularly in your department.

If you get admission for the high ranked university with high tuition fee and low ranked university with less tuition fee then choose the world with less cost of education.

Get the details about the funding opportunities that are available in the specified  departments of universities where you are seeking admission. This is very important step in University selection because a University may not offer good funding for all the departments equally.

Funding means  Fee Waivers or Assistant ships.

Accreditation is the certificate that a school or the program meets the prescribed academic record. It is very important for the candidate to know that the whether the college or university you are applying for is accredited. If you attend the college or the university that is not accredited then you will not be able to transfer the credits to the accredited college or university.

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