Top 5 Colleges in Australia

Many students come to Australia for pursuing the professional and the vocational courses provided at the Australian colleges. Most of students opt for study in Australia .There are number of colleges from where diploma, advanced diploma, certificate and the short courses can be pursued apart from the degree programs. These colleges and the institutes are commonly known as TAFE colleges. Almost every region of the country has colleges or institutes. Some are individual colleges while some are the constituent colleges of various Australian universities.

Research studies are also available in the colleges constituting research centers and institutes. Colleges do provide scholarships and awards to the exceptional students. Other than providing degree and non degree courses, professional trainings are also available in the college for students as well as professionals.

List of top 5 Colleges in Australia

Durack Institute of technology

The college mainly provides courses in the vocational education and training. It lies in the western region of Australia and has 5 campuses at various places via Geraldton,  BCMI, Carnarvon, Exmouth and Wiluna. A number of courses are offered at the college in wide varities of disciplines.

Engineering related courses are available in the disciplines of automobile and engineering trades, building and construction, construction and rural industries, metals and engineering and mining.

Disciplines related to sports include health, sports and community services, hospitals and tourism and retail while beauty courses like Hair and beauty and Message are also available. Marine Industries, Environmental and Marine science and agricultural and animal care are the disciplines providing the marine and the animal related studies. The college library has good collection of books, videos, journals and the reference materials.

Courses related to education viz Adult literacy and Access, Education and training, education and community services, occupational health and training area and transport and logistics can also be pursued at the college. Other than this the courses in business, finance and management and information technology are also available.

The courses can be studied either full time or part time. The job related corporate trainings are also provided in the college. A number of scholarships and travel concessions are provided to the college students.

Sunraysia Institute of technology

This college was established in the year 1979, the college is located in Mildura city of Victoria state. It also provides various vocational courses. Other campuses of the college are in Ouyen, Swan hill and robinvale.

It is registered training college offering the number of courses in the discipline of automotive, hair and beauty, visual arts, design and multimedia, building and construction, education and languages ,primary industries and environment, business, finance and technology, engineering and mining,, food and wine processing, community services and health, Environment, hospitality, tourism and events and koorie training.

Scholarships programmes are also available at the college which supports the pathway programs to the various universities. Wide ranges of short courses are provided along with the long term courses. Students can also apply for apprenticeships and the traineeships. Facilities like recreational rooms, library, restaurants and the cafes are available for the students.

Strathfield College

The college is rather the training institute registered under the RTO providing the vocational and the training courses that are recognized nationally. Also it has the pathway programs leading to other Australian universities. The college is situated at the centre of Sydney into the central business district. The courses provided by the college are certificate courses.

The diploma courses are diploma of accounting, diploma of business admin, diploma of management, diploma of IT, diploma of website development and diploma of tourism while advanced diploma courses include the advanced diploma of accounting, advanced diploma IT business analysis, advanced diploma IT project management and Advanced diploma of marketing.

Southwest institute of technology

The college is located in the southwest region of Australia and has the campus in bunbury, busselton, collie, Harvey and the manjimup. Another campus of the college is Margaret river campus. Various study areas at the college include automotive, metals and engineering, building construction and furnishing, commerce, environment ,land and science, health community and personal services and hospitality the arts and the educational services.

The college also provides the live work training in the disciplines of the beauty therapy, hospitality and the hairdressing. The live training are also provided at the Epicure training restaurant and the class Act for the Hair and the beauty. The Epicure trainings restaurant is the restaurant where the training is provided to the students of hospitality and commercial cookery.

On the job training in engineering, building and construction, cookery, electric mechanic, hairdressing and horticulture subject areas are available in the internships and the apprenticeships. Part time, full time, short courses and the external studies are also available at all the campuses. Facilities provided to the students include library, bookshops and the canteen, COFA (College of fine arts)

The college is the part of the University of New south Wales since 1990. It is located in the paddingtom city of Sydney. The college is also organized into the 4 schools school of art, Sherman school of art, history and the art education and the school of media art. The undergraduate programs at the college include the bachelor of art education, bachelor of art theory, bachelor of design, bachelor of media arts and the bachelor of fine arts.

Apart from this the dual degrees and the  postgraduate research programmes are also available. The master by the research program is also provided for two years as full time program and four years as part time program while master of philosophy is offered full time for one and half year and part time for 3 yrs .PhD level programs are also available.

The short courses under continuing education programs are provided at the college for the students, non students and the professionals. The courses are in the disciplines of fine arts, techniques, craft classes, design processes, art and design theory classes and the professional development skills.

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