United States-The study Destination

United States-The study Destination

United States-The study Destination

The United states the one of the best study destination for the Indian students. Study abroad has lot of Scope and the career offers not only in India but also all over the world. There are many top Universities in USA that provides the best education for all the courses at various courses. USA is the best country to study abroad. Most of the people opt to study in USA not only because of the education it provides but also because of the culture, the climate, the lifestyle .United states of America consists of 50 states. It is the developed country and has the world's largest national economy.

It's the fourth largest country by the area it has and the third largest by population.USA with its large size and the geographic variety it includes the most climate types like the climate in pleasant in summers and the experiences the snowfall during the winters.

The southern tip of the Florida is very warm and sunny and so is Hawaii. The West has the many deserts and the weather is dry with less rainfall. The states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are prone to the hurricanes. Most of the Alaska is similar to the North Pole and remains frozen throughout the year.

United States is the multicultural nation with great traditions and the values.USA is best known for the films, shows conducted there, musical performances.

The baseball has been regarded as the national sport while the American football, the basketball and the ice hockey are the best most popular professional’s team sports. The Americans are known for their nature. People here don’t wait to be introduced and don't hesitate in speaking with the strangers. They expect the people to speak clearly and also in straightforward manner.

For Americans the time is money. People save time and spend time as if it were money in the bank. The personality characteristics and the values are based on how the people use time.

Most of the people for study in USA as it has many public institutions and private institutions for higher education.There are many top institutes in USA and top Universities in USA that provides the best education. For seeking admissions into the graduate programs it usually depends upon the student’s undergraduate academic performance as well as the score on a standardized entrance exam like GRE, MCAT or the LSAT. The Business school candidates are usually required to gain the few years of professional work experience before applying.

Cost of Living in USA can differ depending on the location and the lifestyle. The Big cities like Los Angles, New York and Chicago tend to have high costs of goods but even there are also number of states that offer the lower standard of living.

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant-$10

Water (1 litre bottle)-$1.79

1 seat at a movie theatre - $10

Taxi (1km tariff)-$1.49


One way train ticket-$2

1 bedroom Apartments in city centre-$930

1 bedroom Apartments outside the centre-$700

Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited data)-$45

Gasoline-Petrol (1 litre)-$0.98

Here most of the jobs in USA are based on 40 hour work week, five days a week, eight hours per day. The USA has the minimum wage laws that require the minimum wage for many employees, but the minimum wage differs from state to state. The vacations offered are of two weeks. Other company benefits include sick days/personal days. Americans usually retire at the age of 65, they may retire early if their financial status permits it.

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There are many private engineering colleges in Kokrajhar where you can get admission without entrance exam, find here the list Engineering in Kokrajhar
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