Which universities produce the wealthiest people?


We all love exciting tales of billionaire drop-outs who hit the bigtime with little to zero higher education, but aside from a few famous overnight success stories, the path to mega wealth for most of the world’s billionaires began with receiving a degree diploma from a university.

When considering the factors behind the success of these billionaires, one question on our mind is ‘to what extent does the university they graduate from shape their future success?’

Now, thanks to this detailed data visualization from education, we know which 100 of these universities create the wealthiest graduates internationally. Their findings are based on the Forbes 2018 Billionaires list, and while some of the results may come as a surprise to you, others might not! One thing is certain though: the correlation between high academic standards and future earning ability may be stronger than was once thought.

There are numerous Indian businesspeople who have gained international recognition for the enormous wealth they’ve earnt in their respective professions. Furthermore, it appears that nearly all have also obtained some form of college education. India’s three richest men, Mukesh Ambani ($40bn), Azim Premji ($18bn) and Lakshmi Mittal ($18bn) have all attained either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Mumbai, Kolkata or the US.

Does higher education lead to higher wealth? Check out the full listing below and see what you think!


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0 # Vivaan Older than three months
Hello Sir, May I know the specialisation in MBA and also suggest some good B-Schools in Papum Pare ?
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0 # Shruti Older than three months
There are various specialisation in MBA i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, etc, find some good MBA colleges Venkateshwara Open University
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0 # Rohan Older than three months
Hello, I am from Ludhiana, tell me How can I check whether a B.Ed college is approved by NCTE or not?
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
Once you have decided to do your B. Ed from a particular college, you can visit the website of NCTE and can check whether the institution is under the list of approved institution,you can find here find list of NCTE approved b.ed colleges in Ludhiana- B.Ed in Ludhiana
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0 # Jayesh Older than three months
Hii , I am from Golaghat,Can anyone tell me about complete selection procedure about IITs and NITs and at which time exams for these are conducted?
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0 # Mukesh Older than three months
Hello, good to see that you are from Golaghat, for IITs and NITs, you have to give entrance exam, For NITs JEE Main is the entrance exam and for IITs JEE Advanced is the entrance exam
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