Why Choose USA For Higher Education in Computer Science?

Why Choose USA For Higher Education in Computer Science?

Are you a computer whiz, who has just completed your higher secondary and looking for a computer science degree abroad? The best country you can choose to meet your goal is the United States of America, which is the birth place of the world’s first computer.

Why choose America?

With many countries and their universities providing admission to foreign students to continue their higher education, your doubt would be why choose this nation? Here are some of the reasons for the same:


The first and foremost reason is your nature of interest towards the subject, while the second reason is the scope for this education in the United States. Yes, there is extra ordinary demand for software engineers in the United States. You might be surprised to know that the average salary for fresh software engineers is really high in the United States as compared to many other countries across the world.

Do you Love social networking sites?

Of course, you would and to make these sites more attractive to you, the great news is that they are paying the highest salary for computer science engineers with their graduation from the United States.

Unaffected due to economic crises:

Even when the professionals in other fields face layoffs and pay cut-offs, computer engineers in the United States are able to earn more. In addition, even during tough financial times, the unemployment rate in this field is considerably low when compared to many other job niches in the United States.

So, without any doubts, even though, it will cost you more, but getting computer science engineering graduation or post graduation from the USA can be the excellent option to choose and now let us get into the details about the institutions for this course in this country:

Cities to take Computer Science courses:

  • Washington DC
  • Bethesda, Maryland
  • Austin, Texas
  • Blacksburg, Virginia
  • San Jose, California

Institutions for CSE:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

This is one of the best institutions for computer science engineering aspirants. It is true that you will have to pay a huge tuition fee to this institution and not just computer science engineering, you have different branches to choose from like nuclear science and engineering, astronautics, aeronautics, etc.  Even cross-departmental training programs are offered to ensure better knowledge to students across the 20 different engineering labs in this institution.

Harvard University:

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offer the computer science engineering course in this university, which is also based in Massachusetts. The distinguished faculty members with Nobel prize and MacArthur awards provide the best education to the students. It is true that tuition fee is high, but different forms of financial aids are available for helping students.

Princeton University:

Not just for computer science program, this university is popular for its high price tag as well. But, large amounts of grants and scholarships are offered annually for helping students.

The other popular institutions are University of Maryland and Cornell University.

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