An MBA course in media

An MBA course in media

An MBA course in media

A unique MBA programme in media and entertainment was launched at the GEMS B School, located in Bangalore Palace. The function was inaugurated by veteran journalist and renowned anchorperson Ishwar Daitota. Speaking on the occasion, Daitota stressed on the need for hard work and continuous learning by the students concerned. After sharing some of the more interesting experiences in his life with the students, he complimented them for choosing a career that offered many challenges and opportunities.

Stating that the media and entertainment industry is growing at a phenomenal pace, Daitota said that media – in particular – has been invented, evolved and supported by the public to sustain democracy. “It’s because of sheer good fortune that the media industry has played an excellent role in strengthening freedom movements and bolstering the culture of democracy across the world,” he said.

Elaborating on the importance of the media industry’s growth, Daitota said, “On September 15, 1950, India had only 56 television sets – and they were black-and-white. Today, as many as 12 crore television sets cater to the needs of the public. As a result, 95% of the country is covered by television and other modes of the media. In 1927,there were only 2,000 radio sets in the country. That number has gone up to 20 crore now, and every nook and corner of our land enjoys radio coverage.”

“Today, the media industry has an annual turnover of Rs63,000 crore, which comes up to two times the Karnataka budget. The country’s media industry also sees a 23% annual growth. Taking all this into account, the world seems have recognised India as the new international investment centre for media-based enterprises,” Daitota said.

In his presidential address, Prof. Chambi Puranik, academic advisor of Gems B School, asked the students to work with dedication and excel in the field of media and entertainment.
Through this programme, students will be provided with internships and employment opportunities at leading media houses.

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