Challenges for MBA education

Challenges for MBA education

The aim of primary education is to create awareness, secondary education is to impart domain knowledge and tertiary education is to obtain gainful employment. MBA education, which is at the tertiary level, is to create gainfully functioning individuals for the corporate sector who will be required to deliver results on an ongoing basis as otherwise they cannot survive.

Industries today are not fully owned by individual industrialists, but by shareholders - that's you and me. And hence the MBAs who are employed and deployed have to strive hard to earn the 'compensation' which is actually a sort of 'commission' given for the wealth generated by them. Perform or perish are the key words in the industry.

How to perform effectively, efficiently and intelligently will be taught in the best B-schools. Yet, a lot more will depend on the right attitude, competitive skills and personality of the individual. Everyone inherits these attributes depending upon one's background, yet to a larger extent a lot of learning and unlearning will have to be gone through by the students which will be a lifelong process, as otherwise CEOs & MD's will not be going to Harvard & IIMs for upgradation / updating programmes. MBAs will also have to be innovators, and innovation never ends.

Joining the best B-schools cannot guarantee a placement if the students don't work hard dedicatedly, or if they exhibit negative attributes and attitudes, although the brand of the institute may attract great companies to the campus. Similarly, a student from little known institute may get great jobs, if not immediately but ultimately within a short period of time if he has good attitude and earning capacity. The key words here are discipline, dedication and determination.

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No management institute can install all the capacities in all the students. If an institute provides 50% of the competencies through various forms of grooming, the rest of the 50% will depend on the individuals themselves. To make a miracle in two years is a utopian dream. The MBA aspirants should question themselves as to why a student from the same class, with the same degree, taught by the same faculties in the same specialisation and groomed in the same environment gets into a top class company with excellent compensation, whereas others get lesser packages in the campus placement. Therefore, a lot will depend on the individual. And if they work hard systematically and are determined, they can surely be the winners. More than the degree, what plays the crucial role is: discipline, dedication, and determination.

Problems are opportunities. Anyone can be a winner notwithstanding where he or she studied. The world is overcoming the recession and India too is ahead in the economic growth. Obviously, the job market is expected to be very good... very soon. Where will they go for finding the managerial manpower? The biggest democracy of the world with the greatest industrial growth will definitely need more and more MBAs. Therefore, obviously post-graduation in management is the right choice.

All said and done, we are going through exciting times. The fact remains that geniuses are made not born. Nothing is impossible, and it is the duty of the B-schools to develop and nurture these competencies. To do that a lot of learning and un-learning exercises need to be gone through which may be painful at times. The dictum: "no-pain-no-gain" not only applies, it is paramount.


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0 # Vaibhav 2018-06-02
Hii, I am looking for private engineering college in Latehar where I can get direct admission without any entrance test score, Please let me know about it.
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0 # Pallavi 2018-06-03
There are many private engineering colleges in Latehar where you can get admission without entrance exam, find here the list Engineering in Latehar
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0 # Aarav Older than three months
Hii, I am from Jehanabad, plz tell me Do all the IIMs provide a degree or Diploma?
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0 # Jagan Older than three months
Hello, good to see that you are from Jehanabad, The IIMs provide a diploma certificate at the completion of the course.
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0 # Himmat Older than three months
Hii, I am from Kachchh, please tell me, Is a higher education in cancer a good choice after MBBS?
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
Yes, it is a good choice as there is a considerable increase in the demand for oncologist in India and also abroad, But, it is important that you should choose a good institution of Kachchh or any other place for doing your PG in Oncology
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0 # Rohan Older than three months
Hello, I want to know about the entrance exam for MBA, also suggest some MBA colleges in Lucknow
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0 # Mukesh Older than three months
There are various exams for MBA i.e. CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, etc, you can give CAT for IIMs, find MBA colleges in Lucknow here-Babu Banarasi Das University ; Lucknow University ; Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management Luckn ; Integral University
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0 # Tushar Older than three months
Hii, I am from Buldana, I have completed 12th in science stream, looking career in engineering,Tell me about the fee details of best engineering colleges
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0 # Mukesh Older than three months
hii, good to see that you are from Buldana, There are very good career opportunities in engineering, you have taken very good decision, but if we talk about fee of best colleges its depend on college to college but the range is Rs. 50,000 to 1,50,000 per year
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