Earn Pocket Money and Help Community for Higher Education



Way2college brings you a way to make money while helping community for higher education through sharing your knowledge.


  • If you are a college student, recently passed out or a teacher and you know a lot about higher education in India then you are eligiblie for the task.
  • All you need to do is sign up with way2college and start with any point earning activity at way2college.com.

Activities for which you can earn points

1. Answer education related questions asked by users in various categories. For every answer you do, you get 3 points and for every answer which is choosen as best answer you get extra 5 bonus points.

2. You can write a blog on higher education which might be stating a fact, your analysis or other relvant information. You earn 16 points per blog, if your blog is approved. Check rules and guidelines for these activities at bottom.

How does points convert into money?

Points Money Conversion
8 4 Rs (INR)

As we go we will add more ways to earn points and you will be able to make more money. Occasionaly you will be given bonus points as well. For last 2 years, student counselors @way2college have been making enough money to sustain all their college expenses (hostel, fees, books etc). Money will be sent to you by cheque on your given address as soon as amount reaches to 200 Rs.

Rules and Guide lines for Answering questions and writing blog

  1. Blog can not be a copy paste of any article from any other webportal. User will be banned if they indulge in plagiarism.
  2. Blog should be relevant and useful for higher education. Writing down your own story which doesn't help any one is a bad example.
  3. Blog should be at least 200 words.
  4. Answers should be relevant to questions.

Send your queries to Webmaster@way2college.com


Ask our Counsellors

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