Preparation Tips for IBPS SO 2018 |


IBPS SO Preparation Tips

Here are the tips that will help candidates to prepare for each and every section in the IBPS SO CWE test:

For Reasoning Section:

The purpose of this section is to test the mental ability and analytical skills of test takers through reasoning questions. To score well in this section, it is important that the applicant should improve quick solving ability. Otherwise, this section will consume a lot of time. It is always better to keep the reasoning section as the final section as it generally consumes a lot of time as against other sections. This section will have questions that test the scientific and critical thinking ability. So, candidates will have to practice more and more questions through past question papers to master themselves in this section.

English Section:

In the case of candidates with good knowledge in English, this will be an easy section to handle for them. The purpose of this section is to judge the grammatical and fundamental knowledge of English.  To score well in this section, candidates are recommended to pay attention to vocabulary and comprehension. They are recommended to improve their core skills in English like speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Reading English newspapers and magazines and watching English movies and television shows and also speaking in English will help. These things besides improving the language skill will also help candidates to keep updated about the things happening around them.

General Awareness Section:

General awareness is one of the most popular sections in any bank examination inclusive of the IBPS SO Recruitment CWE test. To score well in this section, candidates will have to keep themselves aware of the happenings around the world. To gain the best knowledge to score well in this section, it is important that the prospective test takers will have to develop the habit of reading daily newspapers. They should keep themselves updated on topics like currency, government schemes, sports, agriculture, Indian Constitution, economics, and budget, RBI policies, banking sector, politics and Indian economy.

Quantitative Aptitude:

The purpose of this section is to evaluate the calculation speed of the test takers. In addition, this section will test how quickly a candidate is able to understand the concepts. It will be possible for a candidate to score well in this section only when he/she develops quick computation skills. The questions will be confusing in this section. But, candidates can get through this section when they practice a lot. To prepare for this section, candidates are recommended to stay clear of the basic formulas from class 6th to 10th books of any educational board on chapters like percentage, ratio, data interpretation, number system, average, time and work and profit and loss.

Professional Knowledge Section:

Marks secured by candidates in this section alone will be considered for judging the ability of a candidate to be shortlisted for interview. So, test takers should take this section seriously. This section will have questions on the basis of the field for which a candidate applies like it can be HR, marketing, agriculture, law or information technology. So, candidates are recommended to strengthen themselves on the basic concepts of the field to which they apply.

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