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Are You Interested in Taking Accountability? Choose Accounting as Your Profession

In India, There is a high demand for accountants. Every organisation regardless of whether it is big or small looks for an accountant to take care of their expenses and incomes in an efficient manner. Every company inclusive of startup companies should have an accountant in place by law in India. The reason is that it is mandatory for companies to prepare their financial statements and this can be done only by an accountant. Here are the steps involved in becoming an accountant:

Steps Involved:

Commerce in Higher Secondary:

The first step in becoming an accountant is that a candidate should take up commerce group at the higher secondary level. But, before choosing this group at the higher secondary or intermediate level, the candidate should evaluate whether such a field will suit his/her interest. The reason is that a student interested in science subjects can better take up science group as against commerce.

At the Degree Level:

Once the higher secondary is completed in the commerce stream, the candidate can take up Bachelor of Commerce course at the degree level. Of course, other courses like BBA and B.A Corporate Secretaryship also has accounting papers, but B. Com course will provide extensive knowledge.

Additional Computer Course in Accounting:

Nowadays, most companies have their account details in computers, and they use accounting software. The most popular accounting software used in India is Tally. So, besides commerce group, a candidate should also take up such a course related to accounting in computers. This knowledge will provide him/her with a better edge as against competitors.

Audit Trainee Certification:

Before becoming an accountant, taking up audit training will surely help a candidate to a great extent. The reason is that auditing is the next step after accounting. So, if a candidate gets practical training in auditing, it will help him perfect not just in auditing, but also in accounting. In general, in the case of any inappropriate things in the accounts of an organisation, it is the accountant, who will be in question from the eyes of an auditor. When an accountant gets training in auditing, he will be in a better position to do his accountant job with utmost perfection without any doubt.

Get Experience:

Before joining any big organisation for an accountant position, it is always advisable for a new accountant to look for job opportunities in the small organisation. This will help him gain experience and particularly practical accounting knowledge, which, in turn, will help him in his future to a great extent. Most commerce graduates are doing their Chartered Accountant coursework under an auditor.

This is because it will provide him with an extensive on-the-job learning experience. Similarly, an accountant will find the job of working with an account, a high learning curve. Of course, the pay will be minimal at the beginning, but the experience gained will be invaluable, and the same will provide an excellent foundation for a good career in the field of accountancy.


Accountants instigate receiving promotions after a couple of years of service as account assistants or junior accountants. They are promoted initially as supervisors for the accounts department, and then they also become partners of organisations. Even, some accountants advance as CFO or Chief Financial Officer or President of a corporation. In accounting field, individuals with a PG and professional certifications like CA, CWA, and CFA have better prospects.

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