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How can One Become an Actuary?

Being an Actuary Needs:

  • Passing examinations to earn an actuarial designation.
  • Before starting the exams, one has first to become a member of an actuarial body. Some of the actuarial organisations in the world include:
    • Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI)
    • Institute of Faculty of Actuaries (IOA), UK
    • Institute of Actuaries of Australia
    • Society of Actuaries, US
    • Casualty Actuarial Society, US
  • The actuarial bodies conduct the examinations.
  • There are mutual recognitions between some of these institutions.
  • Some university courses are recognised by some actuarial bodies to help candidates to become actuaries.

Student membership in Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI):

Those, who wish to enrol as a student member of IAI will have to take up the Actuarial Common Entrance Test. Those planning to take up the actuarial examinations from the IAI should also take up this entrance test.

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