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Career prospects of an Architect:

As architects are experts in designing roads, bridges, and buildings, they are in great demand among construction companies. Not just new buildings, they can suggest the appropriate modification to the existing structures. With the increasing demand for new buildings with an excellent framework, the demand for architects is never going to diminish anytime now.

Even, candidates can find employment opportunities in government sector. But, salary will not be on par with the private sector. But, the job security in public sector is always better. This cannot be assured in private sector.

Also, in the case of public sector jobs, the other benefits like retirement benefits are better. In addition, architects have the option to practice on their own by establishing their own business house. As an architect can help with bringing the right balance between functionality and aesthetics and also they can do this with their professional knowledge, they are in great demand.

Salary of an Architect:

In the private sector, a fresh architect can get somewhere between Rs.25000 and Rs.30000 per month. With experience and expertise, they can make nearly a lakh per month. In the case of government sector jobs, the pay will be less, but job security will be more. In the case of government jobs, they will get better additional benefits like LTC, medical reimbursement, HRA, etc. In addition, the status of working in a government organization also adds to the comfort.

Top Companies in India that hire Architects:

For candidates planning for a career in architecture, it becomes important for them to get to know the top players in the market. When they are aware of the top companies that hire architects, they can apply accordingly. Here is the list to help them out:

  • Anupama Kundoo Architects
  • Studio Mumbai
  • RMA Architects
  • Biome Environmental Solutions
  • Costford
  • Mindspace Architects
  • Hafeez Contractor
  • Charles Correa Foundation
  • CCB Architects
  • VastuShilpa Foundation

Top Architects in India:

Candidates planning for an architecture career should gain inspiration from people, who have made their names felt in this field. Accordingly, here are the names of popular architects in India:

  • Dr. Bimal Patel
  • Ms. Revathi Kamath
  • Eugene Pandala
  • Ms. Anupama Kundoo
  • Hafeez Contractor
  • Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi

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