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Data Analyst

What Should You Know About Data Analyst Position?

  • A Data Analyst is a professional, who gathers, processes, and performs statistical analysis of the data.
  • The good thing about the service offered by this professional is that he/she translates the numbers and data into a form that the companies hiring them can understand, such that they can arrive at better business decisions.
  • Be it market research, data related to logistics, sales figures, transportation data or any other type of data that businesses functioning under different domains gather, a data analyst will effectively handle the data and figure out a wide range of things like how to bring down the transportation costs and how to deal with the increasing cost, etc.
  • In other words, they are experts in analysing the data to help businesses hiring them to make different fruitful decisions for their future.

What does a Data Analyst do?

  • The important role played by a data analyst in an organisation is to ascertain how data can be used to find the answer to questions and also for solving issues.
  • In addition to identifying what is happening at present in an organisation with the available data, they also make predictions for the future.
  • It is a rewarding, challenging, and creative career as they identify how things work and help to make sense out of the available data.
  • To offer their service, these professionals typically use computer systems and calculation apps for identifying some numbers.
  • Once data collection happens, it must be normalized, regulated and should be calibrated in such way that some details can be extracted out of the data.

Job Responsibilities of a Data Analyst:

  • Even though the job responsibilities of data analysts differs based on the company in which they are employed, their regular responsibilities include:
  • Fixing issues related to data and code.
  • Maintaining, creating and designing databases and data systems
  • Offering data reports for management.
  • Discovering new opportunities for process improvement.
  • Determining trends and patterns in the data sets
  • Examining and interpreting results with the help of statistical technique and tools
  • Cleaning and dissecting data for getting rid of irrelevant information
  • Mining data from secondary and primary sources
  • Working with technology teams, management and/or data scientists for setting goals.
  • Some of the typical job duties of a data analyst include producing reports, spotting patterns, associating with others, data collection and setting up of infrastructure
  • To carry out their functions in an effective manner, data analysts use a wide range of tools like Google AdWords, Tableau, Google Tag Manager, Visual Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, SQL and Microsoft Excel.

What is the Main Goal of a Data Analyst?

  • All the job duties of a data analyst are aimed at a single goal. Yes, by analysing the data, they hope to take the business of their clients forward towards the strategic goals.
  • They very well know that any data collected without appropriate examination does not have any worth. The true job of such a professional is to add value to the employer or client.

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