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Who Is A Dentist and What Does He Do?

If you wish to be the reason for someone to smile, then dentistry is the profession to choose. You should start your preparation to become a dentist right from your class X. With your interest towards this profession, you should read on to learn more:

Who is a Dentist?

A Dentist is a medical practitioner, who is specialised in treating dental issues in humans. In fact, dentistry is growing as a profession due to the advent of cosmetic dental surgery. Of course, the conventional dental care continues its importance. Dentists are one of the highly paid professionals. Similar to doctors, they also gain good respect in the society. To become a dentist, you should do your BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery course at your degree level. In addition, you should get through the NEET-UG entrance test for BDS to gain admission to one of the best dental colleges in the country.

Dentist Job Description:

A dentist will diagnose and treat diseases with the teeth. They take care of malformations, injuries, and diseases associated not just with teeth, but also gums and other related oral structures. They also deal with diseases pertaining to dental tissues, pulp, nerve, and other factors that affect the vitality of teeth on the basis of the specialization they choose in their Master of Dental Surgery or MDS course.

Activities Performed by a Dentist:

  • In general, when you visit a dentist, you will see him/her wearing a mask when the treatment begins. They wear safety glasses and gloves as well to safeguard themselves and also their patients from infectious diseases.
  • A dentist will administer anaesthesia to restrict the amount of pain experienced by the patient during certain dental procedures.
  • They carefully examine the teeth, gums, and related tissues with the help of dental instruments.
  • They also use x-rays and other diagnostic devices to evaluate the dental health of a patient, to diagnose any abnormalities in the teeth, such that they can plan their treatment plan accordingly.
  • They employ dental appliances, hand instruments, and turbine as instruments for the treatment.
  • They also give the right advice and recommendation to patients about preventive dental care.
  • Some dentists themselves design and fit prosthodontic appliances like dentures, bridges, and space maintainers as they feel essential for their patients. Otherwise, they can also recommend the patient to visit other dental technicians or denturists to get these things done.
  • Not just corrective services, they also offer preventive services to ensure oral health in their patients.
  • They also fill up pulp chamber and canal with endodontic materials.

Salary of Dentists:

Dentists make around Rs.3 lakhs per year. In general, those specialise in prosthodontics and oral surgery is making higher income as compared to other specialisations in dentistry. Initially, it will be a learning curve in the career of a dentist. Once they gain experience, they can really make good money. They have the option to establish their own clinic and they can also work for dental care units across India. Some dentists also choose to work abroad.

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