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Fashion Designer – A Career With Lucrative Prospects

If your aim is fashion designing, you should first understand what is fashion designing all about. It is true that a fashion designer course will provide you with the strong foundation for this career.

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is actually an art of application of aesthetics and design. It is the art of applying natural beauty to clothing and also accessories. It is a field that gains great influence from social and cultural attitudes. It is a competitive domain that demands continuous knowledge gaining to stay ahead.

Who is a Fashion Designer?

A fashion designer is a professional, who loves to study the latest fashion trends. He sketches designs, he selects materials and he will play an active role in all aspects of his/her design. Nowadays, all the modern styles of clothes that we use are designed by fashion designers. They are experts in designing apparels not just for women, but also for men and children.

They design clothes and accessories like footwear, eyewear, formal wear, underwear, outerwear, etc…. They also design clothes for sportswear and maternity wear. Some are specialised in designing clothes, while some specialise themselves in accessories. For instance, they design accessories like hosiery, handbags, hats, scarves, etc…  Now, your question will be what does a fashion designer do? Let us find the answer here:

Fashion Designer Job Description:

When it comes to designing, the process of design and development takes several months. They generally start with an idea in their mind, but they keep researching the current trend. On the basis of the current trend in the fashion industry, they design their final clothing. They also gain knowledge about the future trends and design accordingly.

Activities performed by fashion designers:

On the basis of the trend reports from domain experts, they choose the best fabrics, colours, and styles.  Trend reports are tools used by fashion designers to identify the seasonal trend. Some designers also carry out the research on their own. Textile manufacturers rely on the trend reports to design fabrics. But, fashion designers are the masterminds behind sketching designs. Designers visit trade shows to get samples of fabrics from manufacturers. Depending on the fabric, they arrive at attractive designs.

Salary Range of Fashion Designers in India:

Experienced fashion designers earn better as compared to inexperienced designers. Initially, they gain experience for about 10-15 years. Then, they move to managerial positions. The average salary earned by fashion designers in India is Rs.358011 per annum.

Employment Opportunities:

It is better to do fashion designing course from a reputed institution. The reason is that they will provide campus placement opportunity. Otherwise, job opportunities for fashion designers exist in the following sectors in India:

  • Educational sector to become a teacher in the designing niche
  • Film production units
  • Television or film industry to work as costume designers
  • Organisers of fashion shows
  • Government or semi-government textile manufacturing units
  • Retail and wholesale garment business
  • Export houses that deal with garments

Also, a fashion designer can also practice on his/her own as freelance designers.

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