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Cure Health Issues Naturally By Becoming A Homeopathic Doctor

Sri. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel once said that ‘homeopathy is supposed to work miracles’. If you are a student at your class X and if you have plans to follow a natural approach in treating patients, then you should choose to become a homeopathic doctor. Similar to doctors practising the modern system of medicine, homeopathic doctor also gain good respect in the society. It is true that a doctor practicing homeopathy cannot make money similar to that of a doctor practicing modern medicine. But, the satisfaction that he can gain in providing medicine without hurting patients is something worth to consider. Here is a complete guide that will help you with your dreams to become a homeopathic doctor.

Present scenario of homeopathy in India:

At present, there are more than 10 lakh doctors practicing under this natural system of medicine. This system is highly popular as an alternative medicine among people, who are highly conscious about their health. The reason is that it provides treatment close to nature. Furthermore, it does not bring any side-effects to the patients. Most common diseases are effectively treated under this system of medicine. In general, a doctor practicing under this niche will begin his/her treatment after analysing the mental and physical condition, living, and eating habits of the patient.

Who is a Homoeopathy doctor?

A homeopathy doctor is otherwise referred to as a homeopath. This doctor follows homeopathic approach in treating patients. This alternative system of medicine was developed more than 20 decades ago by the German Physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It is still in practice in every continent in the world.

Principles of Homeopathy:

This alternative system of medicine is based on the concept of similarities. This means that the principle is ‘like cures like’. This means that the remedies that are used for treating conditions will cause the similar negative symptom in a healthy body. This will happen when the medicines are given in larger doses. The medicines are administered to the patients in highly diluted form and they are known to combat the disease.

What does a homoeopathic doctor do?

Homeopathic doctors work to restore the harmony in the human body. This means that they will treat the unbalanced body. They do this with the help of natural supplements and herbs. They believe that ailments occur due to chaos in the body and diseases are just symptoms of the same. The doctors in this field are efficient in treating minor respiratory disorders, body pain and aches. Also, doctors practicing under this system are efficient enough in treating allergies.

Activities performed by a homeopathic doctor:

  • If you become a homeopathic doctor in the future, the first thing you will do is to evaluate the condition of a patient. In this process, the symptoms should be identified to provide the right remedy. Depending on the frequency and the intensity of the symptoms, you will be grading them and will assign the specific remedies.
  • As this system is holistic in nature, you will be considering the entire background, habits and lifestyle of the patient before deciding the medicines and treatments. Also, you should focus on emotional triggers of conditions such that effective treatment becomes possible. For instance, when it comes treating conditions like headache and migraines you should know that emotional triggers like stress should be addressed. Similarly, you should know that lack of sleep can contribute towards indigestion.
  • The crucial belief of this system of medicine is that mental and emotional symptoms are important as they even go beyond physical symptoms. The reason behind this belief is someone’s personality, mental/emotional symptoms, and beliefs are characteristic to the person and can have an effect on the ability to heal his/her body.
  • In short, a homeopath is efficient enough in treating the following conditions that are known to have close connection with emotions:
    • Digestive issues like IBS
    • Autoimmune disorders
    • Fatigue
    • Arthritis
    • Dermatitis and other skin issues
    • Anxiety problems
    • Tension headaches and migraines
    • Asthma
    • Allergies
    • Depression

Job description:

Job description of a homeopathy doctor generally involves completely analyzing the patient and prescribing the right medicines.

Reasons for the success of homeopathy:

As you are planning to move with your higher education in the field of homeopathy, you should first understand the reasons for its success.

  • This system of medicine works with the own ability of the body to heal itself to improve the wellbeing of patients.
  • Also, this system treats each patient as an individual and not as a collective label of disease.
  • It treats all symptoms at different levels like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.
  • The medicines prescribed under this system are not just powerful, but they are also subtle and gentle on patients.
  • Also, the medicines are non-addictive in nature and they are not tested on animals.

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