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Do You Have Dreams To Become A Lawyer?

A popular saying reads ‘where there is a will, there is a lawyer’. Yes, we remind of lawyers only when there is a need to write a will. This does not mean that these are the last professionals, a dying person should meet. Lawyers can actually play an important role in the lives of many people. With their best knowledge, they can safeguard their clients from risky legal cases. If individual wishes to become a lawyer, he/she should know that there are different types of lawyers. But, he should first get a fundamental understanding.

Who is a Lawyer?

Wikipedia defines that a lawyer is a professional, who practices as a solicitor, counsellor, attorney, and barrister and as an advocate. They argue in the court of law in favour of their clients. Some lawyers also work as legal advisors to organisations.

Fundamental job description of a lawyer:

Generally, a person practising as a lawyer will represent his clients in civil and criminal cases. Not just these cases, they also take care of other legal proceedings. They create legal documents and they manage and advise clients on legal transactions. They have the option to practice in a specific area of law or they can also practice on many areas at the same time. Most organisations hiring legal advisors, look for lawyers with expertise and education in the field of corporate law.

Activities performed by a lawyer:

  • A lawyer will advise his/her clients about business transactions, legal rights and duties, defending lawsuits, claim liability and related aspects.
  • They also decode the legal rules and regulations and laws in such a way that a layman can understand the same with ease.
  • They analyse the possible results of cases using their knowledge of legal precedents.
  • They present and they summarise cases to juries and judges.
  • They assess findings and develop strategies and arguments when preparing for the presentation of the cases in front of the court.
  • They also gather evidence for the formulation of defence or to trigger legal actions. For instance, they interview their clients and also the witnesses to evaluate the facts of the case.
  • They represent their clients in front of government agencies and also before the court of law.
  • They carefully evaluate the legal data for identifying whether to defend or to prosecute a case.
  • After taking up the case from a client, they select jurors, argue motions and they also discuss with judges. They will question witnesses to identify the favourable and unfavourable situation of their clients.

Above all these things, they offer counselling to their clients on legal options.

Average Salary of a Lawyer in India:

In general, as compared to other lawyers, corporate lawyers are making good money. The reason is that they work as legal advisors to the corporate organisations. Corporate lawyers are making around Rs.6,87,845 per year.

Job positions:

Lawyers can take up different job positions on the basis of their specialisation or specific area of practice. Here is the list of opportunities available for them:

  • Government lawyer
  • Legal advisor
  • Legal journalist
  • Document drafting lawyer
  • Legal analyst
  • Civil litigation lawyer
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Defense lawyer

Job prospects:

In fact, there is a wide range of employment prospects for a candidate, who completes his graduation in the field of law. He has the option to practice separately as an advocate. He can also offer his service to a corporate firm to provide legal advice. The individual can also take up examinations conducted by the Union or State Public Service Commissions to get government jobs. In this case, he might get the chance to serve as a public prosecutor. Otherwise, he can get the opportunity to serve for government ministries and departments. There are opportunities to choose to teach as the profession in the field of law. He can gain the opportunity to work for NGOs. If he is interested in reporting to television channels or newspaper on legal grounds, he can choose media as his field of operation.

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