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09 Feb, 2015
Can I do petroleum engineering from commerce stream.
04 Jun, 2014
i will admissn
31 May, 2014
i was study for in your college and i am intrested but most imortant reason in is my dream.and my mobile name 9687206186 kjhoiuynn kjl;skdf lkjlfj llkjdfslk iuklasdf ;lkjkl,.mmom dlfnm ewmn jkf wljkfh edhff fljfk fhfn jk/ fjhb mlxjh chlfdhmn tevugfhfds5exmjgjhftfjhgiugiuuhufh9uvfhbv xfuhbojnhxf hyxfo ijhxfo;uhocf jpcf g cg ufgtphu [0fnhijc dth0oi dt j09trh d- h0odrtj 0cfh;oi cgjoidtcumcfob hdcpo dtio dro8u t m,ut0itdrh dtu s98 gp9drtgh dtp8 ehp978ye5489yg srg xdf vsd sruer9dgliuhdguilhdsgiuhbjhxdfp9 gdhoud dg udfhh sdguf vbhuoifcg h;oudfbh dojhourd ybh truhbu8 serougih og8uhbh fgujhb dgb opijb ntio jr08hjfjh 0 idhj nsdfbuo hsrui dfkljberihseg hfgou hdguoh e;outgh duf oh oiufhofgs oisdfou hdsfoh ersou gustuihsrogh luxchvluiohxd o
12 Sep, 2013
cut of 2013 for mechanical branch