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Hostel Detail

Room-1 Room-2 Room-3 Room-4
AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea
Boys 94 8 0 0 52 24 0 0
Girls 54 8 0 0 25 21 0 0

Library Detail

Programme No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of National Journals No. of International Journals
Engineering 5772 25064 44 32

Laboratry Detail

Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Advance Manufacturing TechnologyMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVmc, Edm, Micrometer, Vernier Calipers, Dials Etc.
Advanced Molecular BiologyBiotechnologyEngineeringPost GraduateUv-vis Spectophotometer, Pcr Machine, Gel Documentation System With Transilluminator, Laminar Air Fl
Analog Comm. Lab Lab-2Electronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateKits, Digital Multimeter Rishabh Make, Cro 20 And 30 Mhz Scientech Dual Track, Function Generator 1
Basic Electronic Lab 1+project LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateKits,dmms, Crd's, Fg 10 Mhz Scientech, Walkie-talkie, Bread Board
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Recombinant Dna TechnologyBiotechnologyEngineeringPost GraduateUv-vis Spectrophotometer, Vis Spectrophotometer, Pcr Machine, Gel Documetation System, Uv Transillum
Bioinformatics & GenomicsBiotechnologyEngineeringUnder GraduateMonitor (12), Thin Client (11), Xeon Server, Printer, Online Ups, Mouse, Keyboard
Cad/camMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate22 Pc, Zwcad-2008 Pro. S/w Unlimited, Pro/e W
Cell Biology & Tissue CultureBiotechnologyEngineeringUnder GraduateLaminar Air Flow, Co2 Incubator, Light Microscope(15), Plant Tissue Culture Racks Fitted With Light
Chemistry LabFirst Year/otherEngineeringUnder GraduateOven,incubator, Spectrophot Meter, Redwood Visco Meter, Conductivity Meter, Weighing Balance
Dc LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringPost GraduateFiberoptics Kits, Frequency Counter
Dsp, AdcsElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringPost GraduateThin Clients, Server, Software, Monitors, K.board, Mouse
Dynamics Of MachineMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCoriolli's Component Of Accelleration, Epicyclic Gear Train Apparatus, Universal Governor Apparatus,
Elements Of Mech EnggMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSimple Screw Jack, Single & Double Purchase Winch Crab, Fly Wheel, Worm & Wheel (single, Double, Tri
Et LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateAc/dc Genset(mg) 3 Hp/1.5kw, Dc Slunt Motor With Dc Starter, Induction Motor, Breakdown Arr.oments
Fermentation & Downstream ProcessingBiotechnologyEngineeringUnder GraduateFermenter, Autoclave, Shaker Incubator, Ultrafiltration Apparatus, Colums With Peristaltic Pump Etc.
Fluid MachinesMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduatePelton Turbine, Francis Turbine, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump Etc.
Fluid MechanicsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateOrifice Meter, Venture Meter, Notch Appartus, Meta Centric Height Appartaus Etc.
Heat TransferMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHeat Exchanger,stifeen Boltzmann Appartus,fin Apparatus, Natural Convection Apparatus Etc.
Hybridoma TechnologyBiotechnologyEngineeringPost GraduateLaminar Air Flow, Co2 Incubator, Inverted Microscope, Deep Freezer - 80 C
Immunodiagnostics & Health CareBiotechnologyEngineeringUnder GraduateElisa Reader, Line Printing Machine, Spectrophotmeter, Western Blot Apparatus With Power Pack, Etc.
Industrial Engg.Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateTime Study Equipment, Rating Factor Apparatus, Anthropometer, Sampling Plans For Sqc, Layout Display
Kinematics Of MachineMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateScrew Jack, Belt Drive, Cam & Follower, Single Slider Crank Mechanism Etc.
Lab 1-c Programming LabComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Thin Clients, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Ups, Network Devices, Head Phone, Msdn, Language Lab
Lab 10-operating System LabComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Cpus, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Network Devices, Msdn, Open Source
Lab 11-software Engineering LabComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Computer Terminals, Networking Devices, Linux, Windows Etc.
Lab 2-programming LabComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Thin Clients, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Network Devices, Msdn, C++ Compiler, Gcc Compiler
Lab 3-database SystemsComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Thin Clients, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Msdn, Oracle 11g, Db2, C++ Compiler, Gcc Compiler
Lab 4-advance TechnologiesComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Thin Clients,monitors, Keyboard, Network Devices, Msdn, Visual Studio, Jdk, C++ Compiler, Gc
Lab 5-software Lab For M.techComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringPost GraduateServer, Cpus, Monitor, Keyboard, Oracle 11g, Rational Software Architect, Rational Suite Enterprise,
Lab 6-internet Fundamental LabComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateServer, Thin Clients, Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse, Network Devices
Lab 7-microprocessor & Computer HardwareComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMicroprocessor Kits, Hardware Tools
Lab 8-r & D Lab For M.techComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringPost GraduateServer, Thin Clients, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Network Devices, Windows, Misc. S/w
Lab 9-project Development Lab R & D CentreComputer Science & EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateIbm Aix Server, Rational S/w Architect, Rational Suite Enterprise,oracle 11g, Websphere, Db2, Aix Os
Measurement & ControlMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduatePressure Load Cell, Strain Cantilever, Ludt, Inductive Transducer Etc.
Mech WorkshopMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCentre Lathe Machine, Copying Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, Shaper Machine, Gear Hobbing Machine
Micro Controller Lab 4Electronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateDigital Breadboard I/c Trainer Kit, Dso,digital Cammera
MicrobiologyBiotechnologyEngineeringPost GraduateLaminar Air Flow(2), Autoclave, Bod Incubator, Colony Counter, Incubator Shaker, Ultrasonnicator
Microwave Lab 3Electronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateSolid State Klystron Power Supply, Klystron Other Assesories, Cdos, Kits, Fgs, Bread Boards
Physics LabFirst Year/otherEngineeringUnder GraduateHall Effect Setup,michelson Interferrometer,cro,gm Counter,laser Kit,ultraasonic Wave Setup, Four Pr
Production TechnologyMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateLathe Machine, Milling Machine,drilling Machine, Gear Hobbing Machine Etc.
Project LabBiotechnologyEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Refgrigeration & Air ConditioningMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVapour Absorption,vapour Compression Cycle, Heat Pump, Air Conditioning Test Ring Etc.
Semi Conductor Lab 5Electronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate4 Probe Measurement System, Curvetracer With Probe Station, Oxidation Diffusion Annling Reactor
Strength Of MaterialsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateImpact Testing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Vicker Testing Machine
Thermal Engg.Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCooling Tower,four Stroke Petrol & Diesel Engine, Blower Etc.
ThermodynamicsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateModel Of Babcock-wilcox Boiler,locomotive, Two & Four Stroke Diesel And Petrol Engine Etc.
Tribology & Mechanical VibrationMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateJournal Bearing Apparatus, Pendulam Test Ring, Universal Test Ring Etc.

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0 # Mohammad Mobassar Older than three months
dear sir,
i am a student of Bangladesh. i have complete my S.S.C. & H.S.C. from famous government institution of our country.for better education i want to get admitted myself in your institution at undergraduate program of engineering,i need to know the process how i can admit.
so,i hope you should inform me & please help me about the procedure.
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0 # Guest Older than three months
sir my rank is 131000 n 80% cn i get admissions in abv mentioned coll...any managenent seats??? plz rpl soon..thankyou sir...
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