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Jntua College Of Engineering

Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh)

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Type: Government Established In: 1997
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  • Jntua College Of Engineering is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Anantapur.
  • It was established in 1997.
  • For campus placement, a decent number of companies are visiting the campus like Cognizant,infosys,wipro,Accenture,geodesic information systems,TCS,Apollo Tyres,InfoTech,MphasiS,Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.,Tech Mahindra,CTS SMC,ITC INFOTECH,Igate.
  • According to Prahlada Rao Karanam, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, hostel facility, personality development classes, Swim Club etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website http://www.jntuacea.ac.in
  • You may check or write the reviews of Jntua College Of Engineering over here.

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Student Count

Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift17
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift23
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift24
Post Graduate1st Shift24
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift16
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Post Graduate1st Shift25
Under Graduate1st Shift56
Under Graduate1st Shift57
Under Graduate1st Shift58
Under Graduate1st Shift56
Under Graduate1st Shift52
Post Graduate1st Shift59

Antiragging Committee View all Details

Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Dr. E. Keshava ReddyAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of MathematicsCollege24-Jul-15
Dr. S.Aruna MastaniAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of EceCollege24-Jul-15
Prof. V. PandurangaduAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of Mechanical Engg.College03-Sep-15
Sri S. SridharAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of EeeCollege13-Aug-15
Sri B.Joji ReddyAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of Physical EducationCollege24-Jul-15
V. SumalathaAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of EceCollege13-Aug-15
Prof. K. Hemachandra ReddyAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of Mech Engg.College24-Aug-15
Smt. G.MamathaAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of EceCollege03-Sep-15
Prof. K.Rama NaiduAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of EceCollege03-Sep-15
Smt. K.F. BharathiAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of CseCollege21-Sep-15
Sri K.Jithendra GowdAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of EeeCollege03-Sep-15
Dr. D.ZarenaAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of PhysicsCollege24-Jul-15
Prof. S.V.SatyanarayanaAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of Chemical Engg.College13-Sep-15
Dr. A.Saila KumariAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of MathematicsCollege13-Aug-15
Dr. K.JayalakshmiAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of MathematicsCollege04-Aug-15
Sri M. Kalyan KumarAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of Chemical Engg.College13-Aug-15
Prof. P.R. Bhanu MuthyAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of Civil Engg.College13-Aug-15
Smt. B.LalithaAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of CseCollege13-Sep-15
Prof. B.Durga PrasadAnti-Ragging SquadProfessor Of MedCollege24-Jul-15
Smt. D.Lalitha KumariAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. Professor Of EceCollege03-Sep-15
Prof. K. Prahlada RaoAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessorCollege10-Jul-15
Prof. B. Eswara ReddyAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessor & Vice-principalCollege10-Jul-15
Prof. P.R Bhanu MurthyAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessor & Hod CivilCivil Engg. Dept.10-Jul-15
Prof. P.SujathaAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessorEee Dept.10-Jul-15
Dr. B. Durga PrasadAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessorMech. Engg. Dept.10-Jul-15
Prof. M.N.Giri PrasadAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessorEce Dept.10-Jul-15
Prof. S. VasundraAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessorCse Dept.10-Jul-15
Dr. P.Dinesh Sankar ReddyAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorChemical Engineering Dept10-Jul-15
Prof. E. Keshava ReddyAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorMathematics Dept.10-Jul-15
Dr.R.Padma SuvarnaAnti-Ragging CommitteeAssociate ProfessorPhysics Dept.10-Jul-15
Dr.T.Narayana ReddyAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorHumanities Dept.10-Jul-15
Dr. K.Madhavi, OASAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorAcademic Section,10-Jul-15
Sri. B. Omprakash, OASAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorAcademic Section10-Jul-15
Sri B.Joji ReddyAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorPhysical Education10-Jul-15
Dr. A.Saila Kumari, Dy.WardenAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorMathematics Dept10-Jul-15
Sri.S. Sreedhar Dy. WardenAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorEee Dept.10-Jul-15
Sri.M. Kalyan Kumar, Dy. WardenAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorCh E Dept.10-Jul-15
Sri.K.Jitender Gowd,OASAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorEee Dept.10-Jul-15
Dr. K. Jayalakshmi, Dy. WardenAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorMaths Dept.10-Jul-15
K.Vineeth ReddyAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Civil Engg., Dept.10-Jul-15
M.Avanthi BharadwajAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Civil Engg., Dept.10-Jul-15
Y.Venkata Guru VibhavariAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Civil Engg., Dept.10-Jul-15
N.Vallaba DattaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Civil Engg., Dept.10-Jul-15
S.Lakshmi SravaniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Civil Engg., Dept.10-Jul-15
V.Harsha DeepAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Civil Engg., Dept.10-Jul-15
B.PrudhvirajAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Eee Dept.10-Jul-15
M.R.YasaswaniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Eee Dept.10-Jul-15
A.J.Sai MadhukarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Eee Dept.10-Jul-15
K.DharaniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Eee Dept.10-Jul-15
B.Chandrakanth GowdAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Eee Dept.10-Jul-15
Sri.Raghasindhu BandiAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Eee Dept.10-Jul-15
Jyothi.MAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
M.Sudheer KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
K.Ravi TejaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
K.Jhansi RaniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
R.CherishmaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
K.Jhansi RaniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
R.CherishmaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
T.Vijay KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
U.Naveen KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Mech. Engg.10-Jul-15
M.N.Zameer AhmedAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Ece Dept.10-Jul-15
G.GayathriAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Ece Dept.10-Jul-15
H.S.Naga MaheswarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Ece Dept.10-Jul-15
A.SindhuAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Ece Dept.10-Jul-15
D.Samiya KushnumaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Ece Dept.10-Jul-15
S.K.Md.NawazAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Ece Dept.10-Jul-15
K.R.BharathAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Cse Dept10-Jul-15
G.Snigdha RajAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Cse Dept.10-Jul-15
P.Chiradeep KrishnaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Cse Dept.10-Jul-15
K.Lakshmi PrathyushaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Cse Dept.10-Jul-15
K.Sharan KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Cse Dept.10-Jul-15
K.SuparniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Cse Dept.10-Jul-15
D.Umera TasleemaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Che.10-Jul-15
P.Ramya SriAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Che.10-Jul-15
E.Sai ViharAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Che.10-Jul-15
S.Neeha SareenAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (hostler)Che.10-Jul-15
C.MaliniAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Che.10-Jul-15
V.Venkata MukeshAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent (day Scholar)Che.10-Jul-15

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Name: Dr. Karanam Prahlada Rao
Address: Sir M Visweswaraiah Road, Anantapur- 515002, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
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